WPC: Circle

I am going to go with one single photograph for this week’s photography challenge , Circle. This photograph was taken during our drive to Half Moon Bay, California. I like how it looked so geometrically correct to be a circle. Dont you think so ?1-IMG_8185.JPG.

SoCS: Thoughts on Shape(s)

As soon as I read the prompt, the first question that popped up in my head was the one I read in Quora: What if earth were a cube or something like that. Let me check my emails and get the link…….OK. The actual question was ‘What if earth were a cube instead of a sphere‘. I guess we would have thought about the shape of the earth at least once to ask why it is so. I was happy to see the question and the answer, because I am sure my nieces/nephew are bound to ask this sometime and I will have some answer ready (hopefully they will ask when they are able to understand more about shapes). I also remember some teacher telling me once that since the shape of the earth is spherical in nature, we would do well to think of thoughts which are more positive in nature, because they are bound to come back to us. Start and end points in a circle or a sphere are the same, remember. Well, she achieved her purpose. Every time I think of something not nice or negative, mostly due to anger, I immediately remember this and calm down. While talking about shapes, I do have a question. In one of the books I got my niece (pre-school reading books) I remember seeing ‘heart’ defined as a shape. I don’t remember ever learning ‘that’. Was ‘heart’, you know the symbol ❤ always defined as a geometrical shape ? Or was it included in that list later (i.e. after my college times)?   

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “shape.” Use it as a noun or a verb, put the word in your post or simply use it as your theme – whatever comes off the top of your head!

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“This is the end of the world”

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I saw a line in the book I am currently reading “‘This is the end of the world’, it seemed to say”. It sparked a thought. Not the 2012 movie kind of end of the world where everything is destroyed and only a few people get to live to create another new world. No, no, not that. This is the the line which says this is where the path ends. Do we really have a point or a line which screams ‘this is the line which marks the end of this world?’. Probably not, because well, ours is a circle. And a circle has no ends. There is a quote also saying that ‘A circle is the reflection of eternity, with no beginning and no end ….’ something like that. But that is going a little too philosophical to my current stream of thoughts. So let me not go there now. Where was I ? Oh yeah. So, no, we physically don’t have an marking line. We might say that this is where this city ends, and the next city starts. This is where this continent ends and this continent starts. Do we have those for the water too ? I think we have right ? Some are international waters and some are national. Need to check out how they do that.

But those are not the ends. They are just the boundaries. A boundary is not an end. It signifies a limit isn’t. Boundaries have been stretched all through the history have they not ? That is why we have wars still going on. To merge, to split. But if we take our world as such, we are again a part of a bigger world isn’t. A part of a system called Milky way galaxy. We just have a hard boundary. We cannot grow or stretch than what we are right now, but still it isn’t the end isn’t. Or is it ? They thought that the milky way itself was a huge thing and then they discovered that there are other galaxies floating (?) around. This reminds me of an article that my friend pinged me recently. It was about something called Supercluster. Hey, I have heard that before. We know of it in computing terms of a database that has super-cluster configuration. But this wasn’t that. This was about the cluster of galaxies. When I read about it, you know what I felt. I felt depressed, even if a little. Because in the large (and it gets even larger after that article) scheme of things. I am not even a speck of dust, for gods sake. What am I really doing then ? The more we look outward the more the vastness of the things makes us look very tiny and small. Is that why people keep looking inwards ? into themselves ? Because at least understanding themselves now seems a little much easier than the outer vastness which brings up new mysteries every time ? And why does all these end up being circular or elliptical. Oh my! Did I go back to the quote and prove that a circle is indeed a reflection of eternity ?