Earth Hour Dilemma

Tomorrow (19th March, Saturday) evening 8.30 to 9.30 pm is the designated Earth Hour. Every year we get an official email about what we should be doing and why we are doing it etc. Thankfully this year it is in the evening. Once it was during office hours during the lunch time which led to some funny moments. Dark corridors, people getting scared by colliding with someone from around the corner etc. It’s broad daylight you say. Well, not exactly when you are in a closed office space where the only light is from the tube lights or bulbs.

But this year’s Earth hour does come with its own share of a dilemma. You all know that cricket is a very important sport in India and World T20 matches are going on. Even though I don’t follow them anymore I know, from the advertisements, that there is an important match tomorrow (19th March, Saturday). Clash of the Titans – India vs Pakistan. It is always a very emotional game where these two countries are involved, thanks very much to the media hype that tries to gain more TRP ratings. And guess what, the match starts at 7.30 pm. Now I stopped watching that game, so I will be able to adhere the Earth hour (which I do every year) but what will the fans of cricket be doing? Lots of people are giving advises┬áto share the screen and watch the match. But what about the stadium? Are they going to switch off the floodlights? Gonna be a tough decision.