Harry Potter :The Ultimate Indian Theme

I am a little more of…

Full text for this video is found here.

The words ‘Romantic’ and ‘Classical’ usefully bring into focus important themes in our personalities. We’re all both, but which are you a little more of?

I think , after watching this video and reading that text, I am a little more of a ‘Classical’ person, even though I really wanted to be a little more  of a  ‘Romantic’.

But as they say in the end,

Both Romantic and Classical orientations have important truths to impart. Neither is wholly right or wrong. They need to be balanced. And none of us are in any case ever simply one or the other.

What about you ?

Jiya Jale Ensemble

I might be a little late in sharing this, but then better late than never 🙂 There is a very popular song ‘Jiya Jale‘ by A.R Rahman in the movie Dil Se movie. This has a mix of Hindi and Malayalam in it. The Berkeley College of Music has released an ensemble of this song and its so beautiful to hear. I just loved it. So pleasant.