Some respite…

Finally, after almost a week of gruelling heat (close to 33 degrees for 5 days continuously), there was some wind today. Every single person I have met so far did not fail to tell me how they absolutely loved the Sun and the weather. When I tell them that I haven’t and how I wish that it wasn’t so hot, they are surprised. Surprised that coming from a tropical place I find the heat unwelcoming. The summer heat here is different to the summer heat in India. I feel like I am much closer to the Sun here in this part of the world when compared to the Asian peninsula. I have never liked the summer heat anywhere. In India, I used to have fans in all the rooms and they used to be switched on non-stop. There aren’t any fans here. We got one for our flat, but there isn’t any in the school and it isn’t air conditioned. The staff room was like a furnace this week. Being on the top floor did not do us any favour. Wasn’t I glad to see some clouds and the wind along with some warmth today. I don’t mind the Sun, as long as it comes with some wind. People keep telling me that I should enjoy the Sun in this country when it is out and about since it is quite rare. But I have been here almost 6 months and I am kind of OK with the weather. Makes for a nice change with the slight chill in the air all the time when compared to the Bangalore weather. It does hurt my sinus sometimes but with the heat comes the hay fever and that doesn’t help me either. Someone said that the winter is better because you can add layers of clothes to feel warm. In the case of summer, you can only not wear so many clothes. You would end up still feeling all hot, humid and irritated. I totally agree. Hopefully, the rain that is predicted for the weekend will cool down the temperatures a bit.


IMG_20150520_192912674 IMG_20150520_192948610IMG_20150520_193426837


“Clouds suit my mood just fine.”
― Marie Lu, Champion

Taken during my bay trail walk near Redwood Shores in California on the last day of my visit there, using my phone. Today’s cloudy weather in Bangalore reminded me of that day.

Mixed emotions


I blame the weather, suddenly all gloomy and cloudy, for my dull mood today 😦
Only saving factor is that its friday 🙂


Update: The first time I post from my mobile, it posted twice 😦 Great !!!! I am deleting the other post. Sorry for the trouble.