Fruits of Labor

There is always a nice feeling when the fruits of your labor pays off isn’t. I think I bloated a little bit just now when I got this courier in my hand, which had the printed scrap book version of some of my photographs taken in Spain. I was doubly happy when a few of my colleagues and my friends saw it and appreciated it. I am not able to erase the huge grin on my face.

It started with the idea from another post by a fellow blogger about the coffee table books. Thank you Ger 🙂

I know I am not a pro , rather am still a novice with anything related to photography. And the little knowledge I have on it are purely by intuition, playing with the equipment, and some helpful facts from friends and fellow bloggers who are also photographers. I don’t know if I will ever go to the next level, because I don’t dwell very deep into anything for that matter. I like being the jack of all trades and I love taking photographs. But I am definitely going to try and get a little better so that I can have my own photo book filled with the photographs of the places I have gone and will go in future.