Some interesting conversations happen during the tea/coffee breaks. As they say ‘a lot can happen over a cup of coffee’ 😉 So one day, don’t remember how it started (may be if I remember too hard I might find the source….but that isn’t worth it…) but the topic of discussion turned towards the something related to the expectations of other gender. The line that I remember very well from that conversation, said by a male in fact, was ‘Female choose their mate/male based on the power or his ability and not the beauty, whereas the Male always goes for the beauty’ and the other pitched in and said, ‘except for the birds, which does the opposite and that is why we never find a beautiful female bird species’. I said ‘well, no wonder all men are idiots’. ‘I think you got confused between a stupid and an idiot’, came the reply. I had to retract my line and went with ‘well, all men are stupid’ . Yes, we are’ came the acknowledgement 🙂 Then after going back and forth and as usual I had to object to them assuming ‘what women want’  etc etc… they came up with this. ‘Women seek what they don’t have in men…. for e.g. a women who is self sufficient wouldn’t care about the power or money from a man but if she isn’t confident with her beauty, she might want a handsome man for herself (I did this 🙄 ) whereas men, no matter how powerful they are, how handsome they look, they always want beautiful women’ 

What triggered this post? The next day, after the above discussion happened, I read an article which said ‘5 Ways Men Are Wrong About What Women Want’ and I had to laugh out loud on what was discussed in that and how it started with almost what we had discussed. I liked that article  🙂

All I am gonna say is, Men are Stupid, Women are Crazy and the logic of the details are always fuzzy.

Reminiscing the Trip

I am leaving on a weekend trip to my hometown. So I will be OOWP (out of wordpress) for two days. Before I leave, here are some pictures from our Chikmagulur Trip.
Resort: Eagle Eye Resorts.

(You can click on the photographs for a larger version)

I still have another place to cover, which I will do next week. Until Monday, Happy Blogging and Keep Safe.

Finally, Friday.


I have been a Tea person for quite some time now but now and then I would love a Coffee as strong and tastier as this filter coffee.

And its Friday already. Yay!!!


After so many Cafe’s like Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee, Kalamane Koffee’s, we had only Starbucks left out here 🙂 Costliest cafe of the lot. But then the quality of coffee is also different. I am not sure if I would go there day in and day out. I would prefer my filter coffee or tea that is served in my cafetaria for Rs 7. But once in a while this place does provide a very cool hangout. Saw a lot of young kids out there enjoying their coffee over a long chat. They have coffee tasting at 12 am, 3 pm and 6 pm. We were lucky to be there to try the hazelnut coffee (if I remember it correctly). (Update: It wasn’t hazelnut coffee. It was caramel machhiato).

IMG_2741IMG_2742 IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2747