Wordless Wednesday

Lumiere in King’s Cross…


Went for a walk to see the Lumiere in King’s Cross. It was so cold that I couldn’t hold the camera for long. Wish they had this sometime in March. Wasn’t even considering visiting other installations. It has been a very wet and cold weekend.

Here we go againΒ 

After  #StormDoris it’s #StormEwan now πŸ™„. 

It has been raining since yesterday night but at least the winds haven’t been bad so far (touch wood)  and my wheelie bins haven’t made any attempts at their escape (touch wood again).  


Now that the snow has come and gone, it was interesting how this song came up immediately when I tuned to an internet radio πŸ˜‰ and it was titled ‘I Melt with you’ by Modern English and had a subtext ‘After the Snow’ πŸ˜€

Let is snow!

I am sure, I will be the only one to tell this at this time and I know that lot of you will hate me for this (especially OM πŸ˜‰ ) but I am really so happy and exhilarated that it is currently snowing outside as I write this post. It hardly snows in this part of London and today is the second day. We had some sprinkles yesterday evening. I was thrilled but was sad that it was chased away by fleets of rain. But today I get to see the snow in all its beautiful glory. It won’t last long, me thinks. But for the time being, since this is the first time ever I am seeing this beautiful sight I am allowed to enjoy it. I am sure I will fret about it soon when my movements are restricted or I am shivering to my bones. But until then… Happy Snowing!