An end and a beginning

It has been almost 14 years (more like 13.5 years) since I joined my current company. This week will be my last week there. Finally, after saying goodbye to a lot of my colleagues, it is now my time to venture out. It is quite a long time to spend in an organization on the same team, even though we have had different managers, the teams have been merged, reorganized etc. The worst and some of the best years of my life has gone by during that time.  I have worked in 2 other organizations but only for a limited amount of time. I hadn’t made any friends there. Acquaintances…yes. Friends, no. This is the only place where I have made friends and have retained them too. I have people who care about me and help me whenever and wherever possible. Like any journey, I have had people leave and new people join. But the best part of it is the experience. The experience of seeing the organization grow, the successes and failures, the growth of the people involved, all of it. The end of my Vanvasam (reference to Ramayana, where Lord Ram was sent to the forest for 14 years), as my manager put it 😉 or end of my Vanvasam & Agnyatavasam (reference to Mahabharata, where the Pandavas were in the forest for 12 years and 1 year incognito) which might be more appropriate in my case.

Now to the beginning of a new age. Literally. The big 4 O. Even though I don’t feel it yet, it is still a fact that I just crossed the big 4. Nothing dramatic happened. Maybe just the weather which turned a bit dull and rainy but the sky is slowly clearing up. I hope when I am back from India in a fortnight, I will come to a sunny spell. It is going to be a very short and very hectic visit. Given that I have 1001 things to do and not have enough time to do it all, my blogging might take a hit.  I might have my usual weekly prompts scheduled in place, though. Hopefully, there won’t be much of dramatic changes in the world until I am back. Stay safe and Happy Blogging.



After a while…

What happens when you go to office after almost 3 weeks of working from home followed by 2 weeks of vacation time?

a) You wonder if your ID card still works. When it does, you sigh a relief 😉

b) The chair in your location is already taken by someone else and you have to go hunting for another one from one of the conference rooms

c) You wonder when the name paper that is put up on your place was removed. Not that I put it up in the first place but I think it was removed sometime back, even though I can’t remember when. I know one of my project manager who is based in a different building always uses my work place when I ain’t in office. I suspect it to be his work. He is the only one who is pissed off when I go to office.

d) The toilets seemed too new to be good, which makes you wonder if they were ever that new looking or if they have done something there. I found out in the evening that all the toilets have been refurbished.

e) You expect the food in the cafeteria to be suddenly all exciting with a lot of options. Sadly, they remained the same, both in quality and in options. Lost hope there.

f) Your lunch mates ask if you had traveled abroad to HQ (office headquarters in US) for work. When I tell them, I was just working from home to get a project done at a short notice, they look at me like I am joking. But they don’t know how glad I was when I could finish the work without having to waste my time travelling to and from office.

Except for meeting my friends and catching up on our lives, it wasn’t that exciting anyway and it didn’t really matter to me with respect to work. The only advantage at this time if I go to office is that I wouldn’t end up over using my broadband at home. 😉