The Secret – 3 stars

While I was walking around the streets I chanced upon a library. Now I couldn’t let go of the chance to get into a library. So I went in (it was also a better option because it kept me warm) and got myself a membership. Since it is in the same borough I live in, I could borrow and return books in any of the libraries in that borough. I also ended up getting three books on my name. One of them was ‘The Secret‘. Not the one by Rhonda but by Andrzej Klimowski. This book had no words in it. Only pencil sketches and drawings which would tell you a story or rather let you build a story from the drawings. It was interesting and I had to restrain myself from reading the blurb just in case it lets me on to the story.

Mr. M and I started on that yesterday (yup, on New Year’s day) so as to exercise our brains. We kind of figured out most of it. But I guess it had a metaphorical element to it, which we didn’t catch and we were too tired after a long day to be bothered by it. But I should say that it was interesting even though it was kind of dark and brooding. After doing our bit to figure out what the novel meant, we wanted to verify if we were right by at least 50%. We couldn’t find many articles on the story (Missed Wikipedia on this very much and was equally surprised that some didn’t write one) but finally stumbled upon one by Paul Gravett.

We were also wondering if we were gonna get some nightmares from those drawings, but thankfully we both had peaceful sleep. Definitely, a different kind of book to read and understand.

This girl could be me

Except that, I definitely know who Tilda is and I would never make my boyfriend watch Hunger Games if he is not interested. I am not a big fan of that series (Hunger games, I mean), but it wasn’t too bad either. I definitely don’t know much about superheroes and Marvel keeps churning one after another which becomes so difficult for me to keep up. I am just going to take it one movie at a time, depending on how much I like the actors in it and then get the backstory from my friends who are a HUGE fan of that series. I had no idea until the trailers started coming out about Doctor Strange, but will definitely be watching this movie 🙂