“I like you even more,

now that you have fallen on your back”

Sounds weird isn’t. But seems like this is one of the many interesting psychological facts as mentioned in the answers for a question in Quora.

What is “The Pratfall Effect” ? Here is what the Changingminds.org  has to say about it.

When a person makes a mistake or acts in a clumsy way that might even make people laugh, they are found to be more likeable, including in comparison with people who are more intelligent and clever.
When you make a mistake, you appear more human, more like others and so more likeable. People who are perfect can seem threatening, but people who are imperfect are safe and hence easier to truly like.

But the lecture (8 mins) given in Yale University by a Professor tells us that this is applicable only if you are already perceived as a competent person. So if a competent (or a perceived competent) person does a mistake or blunders or pratfalls, that person is likely to be liked more, which is a positive thing.  But if a mediocre (or one who is perceived mediocre) person blunders or pratfalls, well they become more mediocre, which is a negative thing. Now whether we are considered a competent person or a mediocre person depends on various factors according to me. I could be competent in one area and mediocre in another. Even though this is applicable to a situation, it is sort of based on the perceived personality.  Interesting isn’t ?

I now know the term to use when very popular celebrities make a mistake and then accept and own them and charm everyone about how they were so dumb to do something monumentally stupid and people will clap and accept their apologies and consider them even more greater than before because they did own up to their (mis)deeds finally didn’t they? But any next person or even one among the family does something remotely stupid, we make them feel more stupider.

But on a lighter note, I saw some examples where they say that this effect is the reason why people liked Jennifer Lawrence more because she was clumsy to fall on that stage, just like any normal human being and she was also cool enough to let Ellen make fun of her in the next Oscar. Really ? I thought it was her nonchalant attitude, no?