Every time I come across this product either in the medical shop or in the cosmetics aisle in the super market, I used to pick it up, turn it around, check it and then keep it back and move on. Ever since I laid eyes upon it I have been curious to find out the difference of using it when compared to the normal ones. But I wasn’t very sure about buying one to try it. What if I don’t like it ? Don’t want wasting my money on it. I don’t stick to a particular brand or anything. Mild and less costlier will do for me. But a shampoo with beer ? Did I tell you I am a bit curious by nature? So imagine my glee (or surprise) when I found out that I could try it in at my parent’s place (courtesy: my brother) for free and then decide. I don’t have a very sharp nasal function going on. Thanks to my sinus and other nasal allergies, I can’t smell well. Unless it is very strong (odor or fragrance) I can’t smell it. That is why I can’t figure out if a person is too drunk (unless the person slurs or sways) or if the gas is leaking (which is a little worrisome) and I can’t decide if a food is good or not by the way it smells. So imagine my surprise, when I used this I sort of gagged because of the strong smell of beer. I know how the beer smells because even though I am not a beer drinking person, I have friends who drink it and I remember the way a particular snack bar smelled of it because they had a special beer they brewed in that place. I just couldn’t bear the overwhelming smell of beer especially in my hair. I know there is always this controversy about if the hair has a natural fragrance or not.  But even if my hair doesn’t have a natural fragrance to it, I don’t want to have a odor associated with beer or any other thing as such to it. Gee, the whole bathroom reeked of it. Yikes! For a second, I thought I would black out. It was that worse. But I should also probably tell you that my hair did feel nice after a day. It was bouncy when compared to the effect of other shampoos I have used. But will I buy it ? Sorry, No. Can’t keep gagging every time I use the shampoo now can I ?