Furious or not ???

‘ Who want’s to watch a movie this weekend ? ‘ was the question posted by a friend on the WhatsApp friends group. It was assumed by everyone that the movie would be ‘Furious 7’, that got released today, even though we have ‘Cinderella’ and a couple of Hindi movies in the list too. One wanted to watch it for Paul Walker, the other wanted to drool over Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. I am not a big fan of this series. I haven’t watched all the 6 earlier movies. Only 3 of them, if I am not wrong. But I did like the ones I saw (and that did not include Tokyo Drift…couldn’t bring myself to watch that movie fully even thought it was playing on TV the other day…) And come on, Vin Diesel and his voice, why wouldn’t I like him. And I love speed racing and stuff. I love action. The trailer shows some amazing stunts which would be cool to watch…(see how the cars are flying ??? and how they land and stuff…whoa!!!) but still IMAX, 3D ??? I have never been a great fan of 3D movies.  Makes my head ache after using that glass. So, I am still a little undecided. My other close friend, skipped office to watch the premier show today with her husband and I know I cannot get a honest review from her, because she is a super crazy fan of this series. She owns all the DVD’s in this series. So yeah, a little confused and undecided, but I think I know what I might end up doing this weekend, inspite of all this…sigh