A-Z Book List: V for Vision

This author’s books are one that are available in abundance. They all belong to Romance and in some cases romantic suspense even. I have with me lots of her books but haven’t read them all. I used to when I was using my IPad earlier. But with Kindle Unlimited, I somehow have ventured towards Mystery, Thrillers, and Crime again with very less of Romance in between. They are always an HEA (Happy Ever After) books with a feel good tone to it. Almost like your Harlequin books.

Over to the book now. Name:

Name: Vision in White by Nora Roberts

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction, Fiction

This is the first book in the Bride Quartet series and yes, as the name suggests there are four books in this series. They all belong to four female friends and how they end up meeting the love of their lives. It was definitely a very quick read. And I read the whole series to get my mind off the work and the stress that comes with it. I don’t really have to think too much about these stories. The romance is always very sweet. Sometimes too sweet to digest too. But hey, that is what I look for when I pick up these books. So it wasn’t a complaint. Just stating the facts. I am not a big fan of Nora Roberts (not that she needs any more fans that she already has) but I pick up her books when I don’t have anything else available and I really really need read a book to relax. I would always pick a book over watching the TV. I gave all the series 3 stars because well, I wasn’t sure how to give 2.5 in Goodreads, so went with 3.


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I know I will be away today, but didn’t want to miss this post, so had this written yesterday night and scheduled for today. 

A-Z Book List: O for One

Every once in a while (which is becoming more in a while nowadays) I need a book which doesn’t put too much pressure on my mind. That is when I pick up the romance genre. But even in that, they can be various levels. Some are intense, some are browsable, some hilarious and some are sure shot HEA feel good books. Depending on how I feel, I pick up (going with my gut feeling after reading the blurb of course) one. One name you will find associated with the romance genre for the feel good and HEA (Happy Ever After, just in case you didn’t know) books is Danielle Steel.

Name: One Day at a Time by Danielle Steel

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Drama, Fiction


The friend of mine who was my supplier of books, when I started reading novels as a part time thing after work (back in 1999), had a couple of Danielle Steel books even though she was a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon (and yes, I have read almost all of his works). I remember reading a book of hers called ‘The Long Road Home‘ and feeling so depressed and sad for a day (so much for feel-good books heh!) But I do realize why my friend had that book with her. I guess I am digressing. Back to the topic. So yeah, that was when I was introduced to Danielle Steel and maybe it was that book back then that made me buy this one on a sale. I wanted a feel good love story because I was feeling so down and this was when I did not have access to e-books and such. And this book did just that. Made me feel good about love, as does a couple of her other books. I agree I haven’t read too many books of hers, but what I have read have accomplished the set goal. Tell you that love is worth it, it’s OK to have a bad phase and so on.

This story is about three people and their lives and how they find love. I gave it three stars because I wanted something out of this book and it gave me that. It is as simple as that. Recently I loaned this book to my friend’s mom and she too loved it. So far, she has loved my collection and she wants more of romance (she is about 60 years I think) but sadly I have more thrillers and mysteries than romance 😳

If I wanted a very nice relaxed contemporary love story, I would go to Danielle Steel and a couple of such authors I have found over the period of time.

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A-Z Book List: I for I

I got this book because it was on sale. Sort of one plus one kind of thing when I bought Chetan Bagat’s ‘2 states‘. One of the few Indian fictions that I have with me in paperback.

Name: I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance

It is a love story, a very small and quick read actually, but did leave a big impact on me when I read it. Because (and I am giving away a spoiler here) it is ends on a sad note. I felt like crying for this guy. And if I am not wrong, it was based on a real life story, so that makes it even more sad for me. This was the author’s first debut novel and I liked it for its simplicity. I haven’t read it’s sequel (I think there was one) yet. I remember finishing it in two hours and that is all it takes for the book. And since the previous one 2 states was full of gaiety and fun, this one put me in a melancholic state that I had to go and watch some silly movie to get me out of the funk 🙂 Not many books have that impact on me. I gave it *** stars in Goodreads.


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A-Z Book List: G for Game

Nope, not the Game of Thrones 😉 You all know by now that I am a fan of that book and I have written innumerable posts on the series and the books. I am eagerly waiting for the next book and the series. My madness started from here and ended, for now, here. OK, enough of Game of Thrones. Let us go to another new genre and one book from one of my other favorite author.

Name: A Game of Chance by Linda Howard

Genre: Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Contemporary Romance

I am a fan of Linda Howard. Usually, her books (at least the big set I have already read of hers) have very strong female characters. They border on erotic romance. There is always something sinister  going on and our heroine gets into trouble. But since she is as strong as the hero hence, theirs is a combined effort at thwarting whatever is troubling her or someone related to her. This book is  the fifth book in the series called MacKenzie Family series. And who am I to avoid reading a series, especially the ones that tell us stories about each member of the family 🙂 In this book, the hero’s name is Chance MacKenzie, hence the title. Since this is a family series, there is a strong bond that is portrayed among the family members, which is an additional plus for me. If you want some light romance read with some suspense element added to it, then you can take up any of Linda Howard’s novels and have a good time. Her books are a sure bet for a good time.

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A-Z Book List: C for Cove

I am a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas. I did a project of sorts, once, to complete all her books at a stretch (whichever was available at that time, of course) and it was so much fun. Work was stressful during those times and her books helped me keep my sanity. They are humorous and fun to read if you like romance genre (I don’t think there will be anyone saying ‘no’ to that…but if you do, please drop me a comment. I would like to know why.) So the book I chose for C is one of hers.

Name: Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Romance, Chick-lit (whatever that means, don’t men read these novels?), Contemporary romance, Family


I could have also chosen Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, which is the first book in the series. But I liked the C for Cove thing…so went with the fourth book in the series. All of them take place at Friday Harbor (hence the name Friday Harbor  series). I have read until the Crystal Cove and yet to take up the remaining two. All of these books are about finding love. I also involve family and in some, kids too. They are sweet and nice romances, which are pleasant to read and some are quite funny too. Each one is about a different person, even though you might references of the characters from the previous book in the others because they are related in one way or the other. If you are looking for some light reads, then this series will definitely help you out. I should point out that of all the series of Lisa Kleypas, Wallflower series is my absolute favorite 🙂 (just thought you should know)

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