A-Z Book List: L for Ladies

Do you have a separate coupe/compartment in your trains for ladies only? We do have it here. I was once a very frequent traveller in those compartments. They are unreserved compartments which means you can buy ticket when you are travelling and just get in. I have so many funny and interesting experiences travelling in those compartments. It can be really very informative and can give you so many ideas and stories, if only you keep your ears open 😉

The book for today is based on one such experience, even though it is fictional.

Name: Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair

Genre: Drama, Fiction, Contemporary, Indian Literature

One woman gets into the ladies coupe (in a South Indian train, of course) on her way to Kanyakumari. She is running away (from her life, from her problems…etc…) There she strikes a conversation with 5 other women. Each of them share their own story and their own journey. Each of them have their own destinations also. But how their interaction and their stories impact her and her decisions is what Ladies Coupe is all about. I had written a review in my other blog (which isn’t functional anymore). This is what I had to say about this book.

Well as far as the stories go, if you have seen enough of KB’s (a Tamil Director who takes more off beat subjects) movies, read enough of Jayakandhan or Lakshmi’s Tamil novels, well these dont surprise you a lot. But with respect to writing, the flow was nice and smooth. Even though there were 6 stories altogether, you wouldnt be confused. You exactly know who was saying what and every thing had a perfect start and a perfect end. If you are woman, you can identify with each character, because you might have known them as yourself or as your sister, or your relative or your friend or your mom etc etc.. any woman you would know in your life. That is where she (the writer, I mean) scores. The vocabulary isnt too hard either. You can see a perfect control over the words and the phrases in some places.

Would say: Read it once atleast, if you are a woman.

I don’t think I can say anything more than this on this book. I gave it 4 stars in Goodreads.

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

I picked up the book ‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe‘ from Amazon yesterday because the title had been intriguing me for quite some time and I was in a mood to read something different. This is a gay coming of age story of two boys. That much I knew from the blurb. But what captured me from the first chapter was the way it was written. Some chapters were just a few lines long. And it never exceeded more than 2 pages per chapter. It was crisp, neat, deep and very realistic. Nothing too dramatic, nothing to clichĂ©d (except may be you would think that the ending is) and it still made me feel a lot. Its the story of two boys who become friends and slowly get to know each other and in the process get to know themselves too. Ari (aka Aristotle) is the boy who is always alone and he is perfectly content with it meets this boy Dante (no nick names) in a swimming pool one day and for some reason Ari warms up to Dante when he can’t even stand the rest of the guys he is used to. Ari has a lot going on in his mind with so many things that has happened in his family. Especially being the youngest with a huge difference of almost 20 years between him and his twin sisters who treat him like their son than their brother, a brother who is 11 year or so older than him and who is in prison and almost forgotten by the family, a father who rarely talks and is always sad because of the scars of his Vietnam war days. The only person he is comfortable around is his mother who is a teacher. On the other hand, Dante has  very understanding parents where his father is a lecturer and his mother is a therapist and he just loves them to pieces (one of his confession actually) but still he feels less of Mexican and never belonging to a place. They both have their own baggage of being of the verge of manhood and their own way of dealing with it. But when they become friends it is like they found a way to handle it together.

I am not going into the story here. Actually as a story there is nothing much to tell and yet it is so difficult to put it in a few words, at least for me. I don’t remember much from my childhood or adolescent days (except for a few incidents and events that had some kind of impact) but I definitely don’t remember struggling so much or may be I did but I forgot because it has been so long ago ? I don’t know but I definitely know that I didn’t know a thing about boys growing up even though I had a younger brother. Because we were never that close growing up and we are only just two years apart. All I remember was he was in his own world and was pretty level headed than me in real life. That much I remember. When you grow up and you have siblings it is hard to not be compared or feel like you are being compared to them. This line where Ari says ‘Why did I have to be a good boy just because I had a bad-boy brother ? I hated the way my mom and dad did family math.’ made me smile. I remember saying that albeit in a different context.

I really liked it because it wasn’t just about those boys, it was about two families. About how each of them are insecure in their own way. About how parents make mistakes and accept to their kids that they were also humans and they also try , every day, to do things in a right way for their kids. Sometimes they get it right, some times they don’t. Another secret of the universe: Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder. How very true. The story easily flows between the two boys and their families. It slowly unravels the problems that their parents are facing, bring with it the solutions too. There is light humor through out, even when Ari is not actually aiming for it. ‘Dogs don’t censor themselves. Maybe animals were smarter than people. The dog was so happy. My mom and dad too. It felt good to know that they loved the dog, that they let themselves do that. And somehow it seemed that the dog helped us be a better family.‘ I really know this feeling. I remember sneaking on my sister sitting near our dog and complaining about our parents or her siblings if she had a row with them and just because they thought that she was the youngest and can be always treated like a kid 🙂 and almost expecting our dog to respond to her. But our dog,  bless his soul, he used to give her his full attention as if he really understood her and absorbed all her pain, how ever trivial and small they were. Animals are much smarter than humans. I guess we needed that extra sense to compete with them. And it is not easy to get to know people. Just like Ari says, ‘I got to thinking that poems were like people. Some people you got right off the bat. Some people you just didn’t get–and never would get.’

I think I can go on and on about the book. It was a very interesting , very well written coming of age young adult realistic fiction about two boys who not only find some secrets of the universe for themselves, they also teach their families and readers a lesson or two. ‘I bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone’s hand.