SoCS: All kind of likes

  • I like trying out new dishes (vegetarian of course and definitely from a restaurant. I am not a fan of cooking). Yesterday I had something called Eggplant Pot Ni Pai (stuffed egg plant with cottage cheese in mixed sauce served with mash potato) and it was very well done and yummy and less in quantity. Gee, my mouth is watering thinking of it again.
  • I like to live in a city which has a beach, if that can ever happen. I have always lived in land locked cities and that gives me a craving for the beach and the mountains from time to time. But I have decided that if I have to pick one of them, I will go with the beach and hence I started with the series Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses to remind me of what it was like to spend time in various beaches.
  • I have read sometime back that we like a person because of something but love a person in spite of something. Don’t know why it got stuck with me, but here it is, apt for today’s prompt. I might reuse it again, if the prompt for ‘love’ comes up 😉
  • On the same note as above, I have always believed in like / dislike at first sight but not love / hate at first sight. Recently I had this instant dislike for a person because for some reason I had a very bad vibe from that person. And I thought I was crazy to feel that because I hardly knew that person. But then I came to know that I wasn’t alone and my instant dislike got validated by the way that person behaved another day. I like totally like dislike that person. I mean it.
  • There is this girl I recently came to know in my yoga class. She is way too young (thanks to my friend for making the public announcement of our ages to the whole bar that day) and during my first few interactions, I thought she was a bit childish. She did behave like that though. But when I got to know her more, I realized that she was more childlike.

And there ends my creative thinking 😉 to write anything more about any like’s. I am drained and drown out by the constant buzz in my head due to lack of sleep.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

This week’s prompt word is “like.” Any way you want to interpret it, “like” always. 😉

Let’s cook…or rather order ?

Yesterday during our coffee time, there came a discussion on who is gonna be here in Bangalore for New Year’s. My friend was going away to her native town for Christmas holidays and she said that she will be back for New Years and that she would like to invite a few of us (a well known gang of 5-6 people) for a possible barbecue (along with drinks , of course – that was mandatory according to her 😉 ) in her newly renovated home.
Then came the topic of food and what we might want to do. She promptly told us that she is in no way going to slog in the kitchen to make food for all of us and that there should be a pot luck sort of thing and everyone should bring food. I called her name and since I knew what was coming I patiently did wait for that few seconds and then, there it was, a moment’s shock of what she said and its implication and then she continued, in the same sentence as ‘everyone should bring food or may be order from outside’. I couldn’t help but chuckle and then after a second laugh out loud. That moment’s panic was entirely because of me. She knows the rest of the gang doesn’t cook or even if they did they would never attempt it on a New Year’s Eve. I belong to a different category. If she asked me to do it, I would definitely do it. But she would be the only person who would have to eat it 🙂 and she has already tried my cooking.

I am a terrible cook. As much as I love tasting and trying good cuisines from all around the world (except those that have meat, fish or eggs – cakes and pastries don’t count), especially those places that boast of good desserts (yummy!!!), I really suck at cooking for myself or even for my friends. Having stayed in a hostel all my working years and then doing very less of cooking : with less salt, no tanginess, everything half boiled or worse come case oats with milk …that sort of thing, I lost the little touch I had on it and now even if I want to try out, I get tired after a few minutes and go back to reading my fiction. It wasn’t always like this. There was a brief moment in my life I did try out new dishes or even decent cooking, but that moment’s gone.

Two friends of mine just love to watch cookery shows and try out those dishes. In fact, courtesy of one of them, I got a lot of apple pie and rum cakes for some time. Even my mom keeps watching them. I promptly stay away from those. But as much as I am totally uninterested in cooking, I love helping out. That has been my forte. I cannot sit simply and watch others cook. I need to do my share. Even if it means I have to cut those onions, crying all the time or peel those potatoes or the worse of all, grate that coconut or even if it means I need to do the dishes. I am ready to do those but just don’t ask me to cook a meal. In my defense, the only thing I am proud of myself in my kitchen is that I do make a good Indian chai, which my maid is so fond of.