European Tour – a brief report






Cosmos 11 days European tour starting from Rome to London from 14th April 2013 to 24th April 2013

Cost of the tour with the optional excursion included was approx 1600$.

The optional tours which I chose

a) Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel

b) Gondola Serenade

c) Venetian Night out and Dinner

d) Dinner and Swiss Folklore (was very good)

e) Mount Titlis

f) Scenic Lake Cruise (could have skipped it)

g) Cabaret Show

h) Dinner and Farewell Orientation


It was an international group (3 families from Australia, 4 from U.S.A, 2 from Philippines, 1 from Malaysia, 1 from Sri Lanka , 1 from Saudi Arabia, 1 from New Zealand and 1 from India – a total of 36 members)

The Tour director was a young Croatian and she was very good, telling us historical tales about each place and keeping us entertained. History never felt this interesting.

Company was amazing. All of them were very accommodating and pleasant and very friendly. Hotels were good except for the one in Rome (which was too small) and the one in Paris. The local tour guide in Vatican was good but the one in Paris was very average. The only long journey which was tiring was from Paris to Calais.  The driver was very good, because there was a big accident on the way to Florence (which was not to be cleared till 10 pm) and he immediately re-planned and took us through some narrow high mountains and with 2 hr delay he made it for us. That was quick thinking on his part.

Overall, it was a very satisfying tour and I was very happy, that I made some new friends on the way apart from visiting these amazing places.