Cosmic Musicology: If You’re Happy And You Know It – Join In Now

Time again for Steve’s Cosmic Musicology questions and answers.

Diving right into this week’s questions (with fingers crossed)

What makes me laugh…?   The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony

I accept that I am not a fan of Symphony or Instrumentals, but I don’t think I would laugh when I hear them.

What makes me cry…? Train – Drops of Jupiter

This song might make me sad, even if not cry. Any emotional stuff and I am affected, but it should have to be really very touching to make me shed tears (e.g. I did wail when Dumbledore died in the book, I did cry when Hazel and Gus share their first kiss in Fault in our Stars book etc etc)

What makes me mad…? OneRepublic – Counting Stars

I don’t think anyone would be happy about counting stars!? I would definitely go raving mad if I had to do that.

Steve’s Music Mix – Feb 03

The first time I am taking part in Steve’s Music Mix. It was fun when I got the songs, so thought why not post it. So here it is.

What were you doing an hour ago?   Counting Stars 

While working, half of the time I was looking up at the bulbs and lights that were shining above my head and if that is any indication then it does look like I was counting stars 😉

Why are you doing this? Escape

Doing this music mix was definitely an escape from my work, 😀

What will you be doing once you’ve finished this? Roar 

Shucks, now I am not sure I roared just because I finished this post and not my work yet, but I did laugh out loud ( which some say is like a roar 😉 )

Oh my God, it definitely was fun this week.