Why I don’t invite people over for food

You might want to give this a read. It is a one-off post about my cooking skills. I don’t think I have ever penned a post about it and I don’t think I will do one in the near future. 

Yesterday I found this in the supermarket when I was there to buy some essentials. Since I dont have a microwave or an oven, this sounded cool and to make a chocolate cake using the cooker, how difficult can that be.


After all there are only three steps to get this done. I do have an idli cooker (a very small one) so it is all good. Right?


First off, I was trying to measure the amount of milk they had asked me to add, but I was actually holding water in the packet instead of milk to see how much it would need and then before replacing it with the milk I directly added it to the cake mix. The only ingredient I had to add to this mix was Milk and I ended up adding Water :shock:. Now that it was already messed up, I decided to just ago ahead and try with other modifications I thought of to salvage this. I added one egg so that it would be a little fluffier. Then I had a Hershley’s chocolate syrup, a 50 gm packet, with me. So for a good measure, added that too. And finally added the mix in my idly cooker. Placed some almonds in the center and sprinkled dessicated coconut on the top and left it to steam for 30 mins.

This is the result. It wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. I thought it would be sweeter, but it was very mild. It was more chocolate-y. That is acceptable. But by the end of all this I was totally exhausted. It wasn’t a total damage or a waste of my efforts, I should concede to that fact. But what was supposed to be a three step process turned out to be an experimental gig. And what was supposed to be an eggless choco idly cake, turned out to be egg-ed one. 🙄 This is how most of my cooking efforts go. That is why when I invite people over, I order food instead of trying and cooking for them 😛 Its a win-win anyways, considering I am not a big fan of cooking and they would anyways enjoy the take outs more than my experiments.