With summer already in top form (close to 40 Degrees) and the very regular and longer power cuts, this inverter, which I had invested a couple of years ago, is providing me with the electricity that is required for more than a few hours to get through. I wonder how I survived before this?

Driver’s Chart

While driving back from work, I was stuck behind a car even though the road was pretty empty. Either the driver was a newbie or the person was in no hurry to go anywhere or a plain dumb idiot who thought he owned the road. Since I wasn’t sure which category the person belonged to, I wasn’t sure if I should be cursing him (I am a little nice that way) It would be of great help if people would let go of their ego and actually put on that L sign on their cars, if they are truly learning. That would help others to find ways to not get irritated with them and may be find other ways to get past them without scaring them. I can’t guarantee that others will do it, but I surely empathize with learners and make sure they don’t get honked or bullied on the road. I was truly in their seat once upon a time. I was also wondering if we can have different levels of signs like the shirt size chart.

S – Starting to learn (that would mean they know only the first gear and nothing more and not in possession of a valid license. Also applicable to minors, irrespective of how well they can drive) 

L – Learner (Got the learner’s license, they can manage but still might get stuck sometimes in between the first and second gear, so don’t honk too much if I am struggling with my gear in a traffic signal) 

M – Mediocre (Have driven for quite some time, but have not yet mastered it) (I belong to this category actually)

XL – Excellent Driver (Driven in all kinds of landscapes, all times of the day and can drive with their eyes closed, metaphorically I mean)

Can you think of some other signs ?

HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge!-Daily Life in Bangalore

When I saw OM’s HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge! and thought of may be trying it, this is how I felt.
So here we go with a very short version of my daily life here in Bangalore 🙂

When I woke up today, the day was so bright and sunny (above 30 C) (at 9 am in fact),

IMG_20150303_094041500 but guess what, it had just rained a few minutes ago. I did indeed get up because of the constant pitter patter and got to see the above picture.

IMG_0377 Last week it was very cold and the temperature was within 20’s and this week its supposed to go beyond 35. Yeah, we wake up to some crazy weather here in Bangalore. The day I decide to use my two-wheeler it pours , go figure.
Why am I always so tempted to work from home (aka wfh) (other than the reasons that sometimes I don’t want to see anyone at office and just concentrate on my work, or just because I can do a wfh just for the heck of it) , it is this. The crazy traffic out here IMG_20150219_182541423 Yesterday my return journey at 9 pm took me an hour for 4 kms. Yeah.. you do the math.

That doesn’t mean Bangalore doesn’t have its perks. But most of the weekday life is spent on battling the weather and the traffic 🙂