Puzzling Friday

Yay!!! Friday already. Here are some funny (or not so funny) puzzles to start your day. I am giving some space between the questions and the answers if in case you feel  like solving them before checking out the answers. And nope, I am not that smart. In fact I never bothered to even think for a few seconds for the answers. Puzzles and me don’t get along well.



I got this as a forward through SMS sometime back and had saved it. Apparently and thankfully I gave a wrong answer to this one before I got the actual answer.

“Read this and give answer… A woman, at the funeral of her mom, meets a guy whom she didnt know. She thought this guy was very much of her dream guy. She fell in love with him but never proposed or found him again. A few days later she killed her first sister…. Question: whats her motive in killing her sister”












“She was hoping that the guy would appear at her sister’s funeral again. ”
“This was a test by a famous American Psychologist to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly. If you didnt answer the question correctly, good for you, if you had answered correctly, good knowing you ;)”



During a visit to a mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criteria is that defines if a patient should be admitted.

“Well,” said the Director, “we fill up a bathtub. Then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the patient and ask the patient to empty the bathtub.”

Okay, here’s your test: Would you use the spoon, the teacup or the bucket?

“Oh, I understand,” said the visitor. “A normal person would choose the bucket, as it is larger than the spoon.”

What was the director’s response?












“No,” answered the Director. “A normal person would pull the plug.”


And last for the day


The clever butler needed some extra cash, so he tells his master:

“I know almost every song that has ever been written”

The master laughs at this, but the butler says
“I am willing to bet you a months pay that I can sing a song that you have heard of with the lady’s name of your choice in it.”

“Deal”, says the master. “How about my mother’s name, Felicity Jane Ashley?”

And so the bulter sang and earned himself an extra months pay.

What song did he sing?












Happy Birthday…


And here is some ‘Silly Stuff’ to smile about 🙂