Sports Theme Songs

I don’t watch sports much. I may keep track of the results from time to time. But that is the extent of my involvement with sports in the recent years. But I always have loved the theme songs that get composed for the major sports events. Like this one from David Guetta with Zara Larsson for the UEFA Euro 2016. I like listening to it when I workout.

Given that we have Rio Olympics coming up, here is the song from Katy Perry for it. I should definitely say that these songs gives me the much needed boost from time to time.

Bang Bang

If you are a fan of the Kill Bill series by Tarantino, like me, then you would have definitely heard the song ‘Bang Bang‘ (I kind of like Tarantino’s music in his films). But today when I saw the remixed version of it by David Guetta on TV, I was totally not impressed. In fact, I had to go back and hear the original song on YouTube to erase that remixed version from my ears. The only good thing about the remix thing was the video was different and good. I don’t mind remixes. Some are good enough to revive the interest in the original ones. And some are plain interesting than the original too. But this wasn’t one of them, at least for me. May be I am biased because this is associated with a movie I absolutely love and had actually memorized the song when I heard it first.