Moving forward!

The earth hour on Saturday at 8.30 pm was an excuse for an early night in given that the clocks were going to be moved an hour forward. It was fun to walk around with candles by the way. It was weird to wake up and have the watch tell me it was still 6.30 am and the mobile clock screaming 7.30 am. First time I had to move the watch to adjust to a time where I live 🙄 I have had to change it during flights to other countries before. But to do it during your day to day living…that was so weird.

Today (Sunday) was Mother’s Day…or so I kept seeing in the news and all the shopping places here. So I wished my Mom back home and my siblings were wondering when the mother’s day got moved to March. Looks like it was Mother’s day just in the UK and Ireland. 🙄 I didn’t know that the mother’s day varied across the countries or continents. All round, it was one heck of a weekend 😉