WPC: Bear-ing Theme

While we were in Padua, we saw a recurring theme which is very apt for this week’s Weekly Photography Challenge, Variations on a Theme.

We didn’t know what the relevance of this polar bears was to Christmas in Padua, but when we saw them near the City Center, we were like “What!!!???”


Then near the Eremitani church, we found them again, but this time there was an additional member.


Again in another place, there were there but in a slightly different stance 😉


Anyone has any idea why the polar bears are important during Christmas?

End of Christmas

Today marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas. So I thought I will post the set of Christmas Lights that I photographed during our walk around the Central London.

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Manger is ready

Three wise men are on the way. Inching closer to the Christmas day.

See you all soon.

How do I look? 

This is my current style of fashion. How do I look? 😉
Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Stay warm!

WPC: Anticipation


He is looking at the John Lewis Advertisement with so much anticipation. Will he be the next one to jump on that trampoline?

PS: Taken at the John Lewis’s Christmas display in Regent Street.