…Pleasure 😉
Makes it extra tastier when we order it online and get it delivered to the office, share it with your friend in the cafeteria leaving everyone else wondering ‘where the hell these two women got this  from’ and sending us some stinky eyes. bwahaha!



I am suddenly having a craving for some desserts 😦 and I am on my way to my gym… Why is that these cravings happen only when I am about to workout or just when I have completed one?

Not-so-Wordless & One-Liner Wednesday


I knew it!!!

Have you always wondered why we go looking for something sweet like ice creams or pastries or cakes when we are stressed out ? Here is an explanation for you.
Found this in a restaurant called Boca Grande.
Now, I am a little stressed out, what with Sunday almost coming to an end and the 2 week taking-it-slow-at-work thing coming to a close 😥 . I think I remember that I have a small tub of that ‘Mississippi Mud‘ from Baskin Robbins in my freezer and I don’t believe in coincidences 😉 , at least not always.