Close to home

Recently I saw a movie and read a book which involved incidents much close to home (mine at least). Let me start with the movie

Pink (Hindi) – My friend and I went for this movie. It was a total cry fest for her. I managed to hold it until the very end and the last scene where a lady constable shakes the hand of the lawyer appreciating him silently for stating the obvious and standing up for all the women, I lost it. This movie is very much appreciated by all. I am sure the scenes could have been done a bit better. Sometimes it felt like there was too much silence to increase the dramatics which wasn’t really necessary in this movie. The dialogues are the best. It also shows clearly how women are treated in this society (may be in many societies) It also introduces us to some of the unknown legal terms like Zero FIR. It is a must watch for all. I know some of my colleagues who have the same mentality as the guys in this movie. I wish they would watch this movie.

Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman #1) – One of the Kindle Unlimited discoveries. A women who escapes an abusive relationship and becomes a forensic expert is given a body to examine and that throws her off badly because it looks just like her. When she thought she was far away from her narcissistic husband apart from his occasional flowers and cryptic messages, here is a proof that things are getting much darker for her. Is she just imagining the relationship between this girl’s death and her husband’s involvement in it or has he really gone to an extreme to kill someone to threaten her. This story follows Annabelle and her quest to be free from her abusive husband who is not ready to leave her be. It was quite gripping and are left to wonder along with Annabelle if it is indeed her husband or is it just coincidence. As always in such cases, there are some good friends of hers who come to her rescue. Gave 4 stars in Goodreads.


Don’t mess with ‘this’ miss

Of course with the word miss , the first thing that would come to my mind is Miss Congeniality. Why wouldn’t it ? Such a fun movie and well, its Sandra Bullock, duh! I have watched that movie so many times and I find it funny every single time.
Here are some of my favorite quotes/dialogues from the movie :

Eric Matthews:
Just imagine that she’s me and there’s something you wanna know but I don’t wanna talk about it. What would you do?

Gracie Hart:
You want me to beat it out of her?

Gracie Hart:
Yeah, I was dating him for a while because he told me he had an incurable disease…

Gracie Hart:
Yeah, I didn’t realize it was stupidity.

Gracie Hart: I am in a dress, I have gel in my hair, I haven’t slept all night, I’m starved, AND I’m armed! Don’t MESS with me!

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Who says a penguin can’t fly?

On Saturday, again as an impromptu decision, we decided (the same group that went for Hunger Games) to watch Penguins of Madagascar 3D (looks like we did have a lot of time in our hands this week 😉 ) and since it was only available in IMAX we didn’t have a choice, even though I was skeptical about watching this movie. It was slick watching in IMAX and that too in 3D (even though I am not fond of it). It sure was fun right from the start from where the penguins have no idea where they are marching too and yet they are all marching towards something and these three penguins (skipper, kowalski and rico) go against nature to rescue that egg that swishes past them. That is when they find what they are actually capable of and once they see the cute penguin that hatches from that egg, named Private, they form a team to take on the world. And boy! aren’t they excited about it 😉 I liked how they made fun of the documentaries made on the penguins , real nice touch.

I ain’t going into the story here. So no spoiler alert. The dialogues were sometimes so funny and sometimes so atrocious. Who writes some thing like ‘Nicholas! Cage them’ or ‘Halle! Bury them’ or even ‘Drew, Barry, more power!’ and something related to Hugh Jackman!!! (just leave him alone, I say) Come on!!! they weren’t funny. Seriously. Kids ain’t going to understand that and it wasn’t funny to me. But the cynical answers from Kowalski are really something 🙂 and we had no choice other than to look at our friend who says exactly those kind of lines, too cynical and too straightforward, and he was so happy that he wasn’t alone!!! But except for those crappy lines, it was real fun. Especially when they land in Shanghai and Skipper mistakes the place for Dublin and starts the riverdance…OMG…That was hilarious. And then comes our famous ‘North Wind’ group giving opportunity for dialogues like ‘No one breaks The Wind’ 😀 The power struggle between Agent Classified (our famous Benedict Cumberbatch , yay!!!. I found his pronunciation of the word penguins was a little off..what do you think?) and Skipper and how they want to capture the Dave, the octopus, until there comes a time when Skipper decides what is important than his pride and command and gives the control to Classified only to do something that ‘they will be taking to their graves’. Private is a penguin with a load of cuteness that comes in handy at the end when it is time to save the penguins of the world and he delivers when it matters and proves his worth, except for those two antlers. Don’t get up just because the credits starts rolling in, wait for some more time. There is some more coming at the half of the credits 🙂

On Sunday when I had called up home, my nieces were so excited to tell me about this Penguins of Madagascar movie they saw. My first niece couldn’t control her excitement. She almost told me the whole story, including the interval part where she had a BIG packet of popcorn too. How the octopus was the bad guy and the small penguin went and saved everyone. It was so much fun to hear her talk about it. I am so glad they enjoyed it as much as I did. Its a fun watch.