Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday


SL-WEEK 16: Alone


“There is a certain strength in being alone.”
― Heather Duffy Stone, This Is What I Want to Tell You

No simple feat

I did my first parasailing around 2010 or so, if I remember it correctly, during my first visit to USA. I was so petrified at that time, that I hardly enjoyed it while I was up in the sky. I saw the world from above with one half opened eye. So this time, in Bali, when we knew that the resort we were staying had water sports, I decided to do parasailing again and to take pics from up above, with my digital camera. We took the one from the boat (the other option was from the beach), so we went into the sea and from there they take us up. All was well, until our time to go up. I had my camera tied to my right hand , so that it wouldn’t fall off and my hands started to sweat . No matter how much I do these adventures related to heights (just to get over the fear), there is always this time just before the feat where a shred of doubt creeps in. And then I have to give myself an internal pep talk and get going. This time, I did close my eyes just before the take off but then opened it as soon as we started going up. But taking a pic while holding the rope as if your dear life is depended on it (even though it sort of is) and trying to take a pic using a camera tied to your wrists using just that hand wasn’t that easy. But I did manage to take some and also a couple of videos too and was very glad that it came out well too 🙂 Here is my selfie (or legfie is it?)


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