Scared of the dark!


When I was young I was scared of the dark. Now when I see my electricity bill I am scared of the lights. – Unknown


One-Liner & Wordless Wednesday


Part of Linda’s One-liner Wednesday.

WPC: Refraction

For this week’s photography challenge: Refraction

Just took this almost an hour ago where we had been for our dinner, in my new phone to check out its quality. I wanted to capture the name through the glass of water.


Taken in Pune Race Course one morning during our walk using my digital camera. The refraction of sunlight through the fog gave a different feel to the picture (and I haven’t edited it).


And with my DSLR, the refraction of the waves on its way back to the sea from the shore.


This wasn’t as easy as I thought 🙂 But I did my best.

The Tempest

Yesterday evening, while starting for my yoga class, a little later than usual, I got to see this from the terrace. I stood there mesmerized with the image that was displayed in front of me and didn’t move from that place for some time. I really felt good that I had my digital camera with me to capture it.

No wonder I am feeling a little low and down and very sleepy all the time with this kind of weather along with the fact that sometimes work sucks.



PS: One of my friend’s birthday was yesterday, when I wished him again and asked him how his birthday went, his response was ‘Its no big deal. My work is killing me every day; I am born everyday’ (can I use this as my one-liner Wednesday quote ? ) Good to know that there is company with the way I feel about work now.

I had a deal with him that for every such quote he spews, if I happen to use it in my post I will credit it to him with some name, which I forgot. So I am going with the name ‘ailurophile’.