Friendship is essentially a partnership.” – Aristotle

I got this wall sticker delivered today and was so happy to paste it in my dining area. Aren’t they cute ❤

Dining in the dark

While I was in Hyderabad, I happened to see a restaurant in Inorbit Mall, Hitech City, which was unique in concept when compared to the rest that is there in Hyderabad / Bangalore. It was called ‘Dialog in the Dark‘. The reviews were very good. I was asked by my friend to go for it at least once when I was there. But would I like to try it ? Nope,  I never got the courage to do it. I am not afraid of darkness. And I like to try stuff with regards to food, but am not a great foodie or anything like that. I don’t fuss about what I eat. As long as it satisfies my hunger I am OK with even half cooked meals (yeah, that is what I do mostly 😉 ).  I don’t even bother about their ambiance and stuff. But eating in the dark is something I am not very fond of.  I understand the concept of other heightened senses and all that. But still nope. I thought may be I should try it for those visually impaired waiters and may be sort of encourage people to employ them. But I just couldn’t make myself go beyond my comfort zone to really do that.

Would you try it, if there was such a restaurant in your place ?