To support or not

I don’t remember the last time I had to argue with my family about something non-family related and argue vehemently at that. I am usually a person who wouldn’t engage in arguments unless I use it to expand my knowledge of that specific matter by playing devil’s advocate. And arguing over WhatsApp isn’t fun, even though it can be useful to curb your emotions which might come to the fore when you are talking in person.

So, what was this argument all about? I am not sure if you have heard about the Jallikatu protests that have been going on in my state in India. There was some support shown by Tamilians all over, US, UK etc Everyone supporting the traditional sport of Jallikatu (a bull taming sport) held during the second day after Pongal (the harvest festival). You see, the Supreme Court had banned this sport citing cruelty to animals and people wanted to rally against the ban. Especially students. The protest was on a very large scale and it was all peacefully done (in a very non-violent way) which I really appreciate. My siblings also participated to show their solidarity and support to this sport. Not just them, my very close friends too spoke up and started using the ‘I Support Jallikatu’ picture as their WhatsApp profile picture.

A lot of news, talks, messages, information was being passed on in the WhatsApp family group about this and it came to a stage where I was asked to show my support by joining the people here in London if there were any such thing happening. I told them that I do not support the cruelty to animals in the name of culture and even though I support the fact that the local breed of cattle which is diminishing should be addressed, Jallikatu might not be the only solution that we should be resorting to. Also once the Government removes the ban, people will go back to their own life and forget all about organic breeding, farming, supporting farmers, supporting local cattle breeds etc until the next year when the sport is banned again. That ruffled a lot of feathers. At least they didn’t pounce on me for my views, but I was bombarded with so many cultural references and stuff like that through the messages.

Yesterday, when the protests were getting to a close, the political parties played their game and turned it violent where the police officials themselves involved in arson and put the blame on the students. I was expecting this to happen. Because that is what happens every single time we try to protest peacefully. Every party wants to gain mileage with any such huge event to gain votes.

I wanted to write all about it but wasn’t sure where to begin. Mr. M and I used to discuss it every day for the past week about why my folks or others are not seeing the bigger picture? It totally turned into an emotional blackmail thing. If I didn’t support it, I wasn’t a Tamilian who is proud of her culture, so if I am a Tamilian I would support it, no matter what. That wasn’t agreeable to me. I had questions for which they didn’t have answers. And I was told that I was being unreasonable.

But today, I found an article which highlighted each and every single question I had (it is so convenient when someone who is better at writing their views expresses your thoughts) and I think it will be better to share that instead of going through the same questions again.

Jallikattu: ethics versus entrenched traditions – []

I am sure that article will bring up a lot of comments (I am yet to go through the comments there) and some harsh ones at that too. But I am glad that I found that.

Be careful

about not only what you wish for, but also what you actually discuss with your husband about it 😉

We were having this discussion about pets. Both of us have had a pet in the past and were discussing the possibility of having a pet in the future. I am a dog person and my husband likes both dogs and cats but isn’t very hyper about having a pet now. I was trying to pitch my view of having a pet once we have a better and larger space etc etc… he was having none of it, too much work etc etc… This discussion went on for some time and we decided to ‘park’ the conversation about pets for a later date 😛

And then I get this as my Christmas gift 😆 along with a very lovely card.

It is called ‘newborn Teksta’ which barks like a dog, responds to your claps and if you press a button, it will sit and sing a song (doggy style) and it will also jump to your arms if you press another button. It follows you around if you keep talking to it, even though it finds it a little difficult to maneuver on the carpet. But I got my wish granted for now. I think this is his way of saying that the ‘parked’ conversation about pets is ‘suspended’ forever 😉

Thoughts, Words, Action

“Words are nothing by loud thoughts.” said my friend.

“Not entirely. [Words are] more of censored thoughts or to be more precise [Words are ] thoughts filtered through societal norms. ” said I.

[courtesy: a late night conversation]

I also read somewhere that ‘Drunk words are sober thoughts’ 😉 I am not sure of that. Irrespective of my alcohol induced-buzzed state or otherwise, my words always appear a little buzzed.

I do filter them because even though I might scream profanities in my head, I hardly say them out loud. And when I do say them, I sort of get a loud response in the form of silence. In my college, during a lecture, I remembered one of a guest lecturer saying that ‘be careful about your thoughts and words, because it will circle the world and will come back to you one time or the other’. That is why I am a little careful about what I say.

I am also not a person who will voice out whatever I think. I think a lot. My brain can go to all places and create a mind map of its own from a single source point. It’s probably the case with everyone. It would definitely make me look a little crazy if I voice out every one of them. But sometimes thoughts are just not enough isn’t. Unless I voice them out or give them form using words, they may mean something to me, but they don’t carry enough weight as much as they should. But once we give them form using words, is that enough? They say actions speak louder than words? So should we convert the thoughts to actions or words? Does it depend on what the thought is about? Should some thoughts just remain as thoughts? Let me give you some examples for these which came to my mind. Let us say I miss someone, should I tell them or show them? If I am so angry at someone that I wish them ill, should this thought be even given a form either as words or actions? If I think of something creative, would it be enough to explain it or will it carry more weight if I put it in action?

Thoughts are the most powerful among all these. Because it is solely ours. It can’t be twisted in any form. It can’t be misunderstood. It can’t be misinterpreted. It is the purest form because it is within the confines of our mind and has the power to affect our soul. But unless it is given a form, it will also die an easy death. It can be lost in the huge maze of our mind. And only we have the power to convert it. And that power makes each of us a creator. Does it?

I guess, I got carried away with the topic 🙂 There was one other thing that was discussed but I will come back to it later.

Quotable Discussion!

An imaginary discussion about my excessive usage of ! ,

F. Scott Fitzgerald: ‘Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.’

Albert Einstein: ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’ Clearly she looks life the other way.

Terry Pratchett: As long as she knows that ‘Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.’

Joey Santiago: Well, ‘It’s always nice to end your sentences with an exclamation mark, and not a comma.’

Must you question everything! 


What would be your option?

If you had to either ‘cheat’ or ‘disappoint’ a person (only one of the two) what would you do ? I know both are not good things, but considering that you had to do one of these two evils, which do you think is the lesser evil?

There was this discussion that happened over a very trivial matter between us friends. And as a result of that discussion this question came up.

I will update the post sometime later about that very trivial matter and what my answer was 🙂 I am very interested to know your selection and why. Care to share?