Wordless Wednesday

My best friend for life

That cute little dog is Winston. During my visit to Ireland, I was honored to befriend this lovely dog who wouldn’t get away from me even for a few seconds. Of course I was spoiling him but scratching his neck and cooing nonsense to him. He was my friend’s niece’s dog. I had a blast with him.

Why this photograph of Winston and myself? That is in response to today’s prompt from Grace

Best Friends for Life – Do you own pets? If you could, which animal would you adopt?

I am a dog person. I used to have a dog during my post graduation days. He died of pneumonia. We were blessed to have him in our lives for two years. Everyone at my home was shattered. I still remember that night, the night he died. I have never seen my brother cry (at least not before us) but that day he couldn’t control himself. And my sister…. totally inconsolable. Since we had to change houses (rented ones) and the other places had a strict no pet policy, we did not have any more pets after him. But if I had to adopt an animal it would definitely be a dog for sure. And I would totally agree with  Mark Twain.

“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s.”



In Chikmagalur, when we were staying at the Eagle Eye Resort, we could see these two cute pups always roaming around the area especially in the mornings. When we returned from our morning trek, they were behind me and were hell bent on nibbling my shoes 🙂 And since I had my camera with me at that time, I couldn’t resist a click

WPC: Warmth

For this week’s photography challenge (which I think came a little bit early 🙂 ) : Warmth

Doesn’t this sunrise give you a warm feeling just by looking at it ?


Playing with each other, even if it is at the edge of a cliff, just to show off to us, strangers, out there.  I always feel warm (related to emotion of course) seeing this picture, taken in Matheran.IMG_3778

And now, to beat that cold and to keep me warm, I would take that hot brandy, thank you very much.IMG_6946

Pune Trip – Alibagh

Third stop of our trip was to a beach place called Alibagh This was the place that was meant for  beach views , sunsets and some relaxation in the resort by the pool side (where I completed my Red Wedding reading and had that very emotional moment). There are three beaches in these photos and most of them were empty (just how I like them and this time it wasn’t less crowded, it was plain empty), except for the one where we saw some fishermen trying their hands at catching small crabs. Otherwise it was like our private beach. Thanks to my friend, who is nicknamed ‘dog whisperer’ by another friend 😉 ( I really like that name btw) a dog was always with us (its like ‘Wherever he goes, a dog follows’) escorting us the whole time we were there. And by the time we were about to leave the place, it would vanish into the bushes.

We were in need of some relaxation after our little adventure.