Still Room

I am not sure if you knew about it, but apparently, there was (and probably is) a room called stillroom in European castles and estates, attached to the kitchen and was primarily used for preparing drinks (alcohol, coffee, tea etc) and to store food and stuff. Do you remember Daisy from Downton Abbey ? She is a stillroom maid, according to the article here. I heard about this very recently. Wonder why it is called stillroom ? because they use it as a distillery too ?

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Downton Funk

This Saturday, I had planned on cleaning up my place, but guess what ‘Downton Abbey’ happened. Yes. I was binge-watching Downton Abbey. I was watching the episodes slow and steady over the weeks, but this Friday (since my internet was disrupted for the whole day) and Saturday got totally lost because of this series. And I completed 4 seasons. Yay!!! I don’t watch much TV or series as such, but when I start I can’t seem to stop. I like period drama and this one has too much drama in it and I kinda love it 😳

There is a song by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, called Uptown Funk. You might have heard it. It’s been on the charts frequently and well, what is there not to like about that song. It is very catchy and a frequent in my playlist. Recently, my friend did the Zumba choreo for that song and we even dance to it now in our Zumba class. It is real fun to dance to that 🙂

Now imagine my surprise when I found this video which combines both. Its hilarious. There are some spoilers about the series, but nothing in detail. And it is done pretty well too 😀 Wonder how they come up with such ideas. Damn!!!