Why Children’s Drawings Matter

I think I understand this. That is why I have got some drawings of my first niece attached to my room doors.

Acting on an Impulse

I did tell you earlier that I try to be a little artistic , even if I am pathetic. So this is what happened.  Remember the ‘Angel with a Gifting Heart‘ I got for my friend ? Getting up on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I suddenly felt like drawing it. That thought came out of nowhere and I just went with it. I doodle quite a bit and can never draw something out of the blue or creatively but I always try and copy another drawing once in a blue moon, no, make that once in a few years. This is the first time I tried copying an item. And I felt good doing it. image

Second Attempt

Once I did that Mickey’s face in the slate, I was asked to draw a lot of other characters by my niece. The 2nd one is obviously their latest craze, Chhota Bheem. I tried and I am glad it did come a little better than I ever expected 🙂 Now I have got request to draw it for her (so that she can paint with her crayons) all the characters of Chhota Bheem.   What do you think ? I am no artist but I am glad to have one more thing to do during my free time, whenever that is and well, kids don’t complain much, so its sort of a boost to my fragile ego :).2013-11-04 17.13.34