WPC: Dreamy

When we three friends and a dog were the only ones in this beach during a┬ásunset in Alibagh, near Pune, it did sort of felt dreamy to me. The color of the sky, the patterns of the beach, and my two friends and the dog (even though he is sort of shadowed); I wouldn’t have realized that I would see such a beautiful sunset in my life. And I am happy that it wasn’t just a dream.


It may not be much to people who get to see snow every now and then, but for us, people of the tropic who get roasted every now and then in the sun, seeing and being in such a place like this, Mount Titlis in Lucerne at 0 degrees , it was indeed a dreamy moment.


And well, last year when my ankle broke and I was at the resort sitting alone, I played around with my camera and the wine glass. I wanted to bring out a dreamy kind of effect. Does it look like it?