Interstellar again

Spoiler Alert

Yeah, finally made it to Interstellar in IMAX  yesterday(on a weekday, bunking office for a show that spans before and after the lunch time ….shhhhh). So, did that change my views on the movie, now that I watched it in a better screen with better sound and visual effects ? Before I go into that, let me tell you about the horrifying few minutes, where the movie started and every thing in the screen looked like a 3D movie sans the 3D glasses. You know where things are seen in double or triple. That is how it started and everyone looked at each other wondering if we forgot our glasses by mistake. But it was a IMAX movie not a 3D one for godsake. Then some of them went and complained and they stopped the screening for a few minutes. And when they restarted it, it started with the same blur but then it got better. Phew !!! The relief of it! The people who come to the theater should have some basic common sense , even though the theater keeps repeating some basic stuff  (like put your phone in silent mode, if you want to really speak please step out and take the call, don’t litter the theater) before the movie begins, we still hear the ringtones here and there. In one quiet moment, one lady from behind picked up her phone (which was ringing loudly of course) and told to the caller and to everyone in the theater, ‘I am in the movie hall’. Yeah, right! Seriously, when will these people learn ? And I am not even going into littering.

OK, now back to the movie. Nope, still nothing tugging my heart and making me emotional. But what was better ? The visuals….just wow. The impact of IMAX on this movie is amazing. It was like sometimes I felt like I was there in the space floating. When they were walking in Mann’s planet, I felt a little giddy. All that white and grey expanse does that to me , even if a little, in real life too. Sometimes seeing that teeny tiny speckle of space craft in that wide wide space makes you feel like nothing (not sure if that is a good thing, but then it is what it is). As my friend says frequently, ‘In the Grand Scheme of things…’

The sound effects. I could hear the dialogues very clearly and understand them better, even though they did have subtitles (which I ignored for most cases). I realized that I had missed some subtle humor in between when I had seen them the first time. I could appreciate some of the concepts much better now that I was able to hear them clearly. No disturbance or noise ruining it. The score of the movie was so so AMAZING in IMAX. I could feel the vibrations in my seat. It was that powerful. Pure awesomeness.

Since we knew the story and weren’t surprised by anything, we could analyze little bit on the characters. My friend found Cooper’s character a little annoying and a little hypocritical. No one here is the hero, except for the story. Even though we can still say that Mann was more of a villain in this.

Overall, I could appreciate the movie a lot better after watching it in IMAX both in terms of understanding (even though I can’t talk about any concepts from it related to the time and gravity yet) and the grandeur of the story thanks to the better sound and visual effects. Even if I had to spend a 150Rs more for that, it was totally worth it, except for that little scare in the beginning.


Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.