Snowdonia Murder Mysteries

We did a North Wales tour last year and it was brilliant. The places are so gorgeous and beautiful. We did not cover the whole of it, but enough to know the various places when someone mentions it. I stumbled upon this Snowdonia Murder Mystery series by Simon McCleave. They were available on Kindle Unlimited and I managed to rent all the three available books and finished them one after the other.

All three of them get 4/5 stars from me. They were very good. I enjoyed the pace, the description of places, the characters (most of them flawed), the speed of the narrative etc. It was very enjoyable during these trying times. Since I could picture most of the places mentioned, it helped me imagine the whole flow very easily.

Also, for Agatha Christie fans, I recently found a few books available on Kindle Unlimited. I read “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” recently and I have got “Murder on the Orient Express” next. I am very much enjoying reading these fictions now more than ever.


(slán – Bye, in Irish)

That box over there is close to 20-25 kgs in weight and consists of books that I am donating. They just picked it up. I have retained very few of them which I couldn’t let go but gave away the rest. It has been so many years since I started buying them. Over the recent years, ever since I moved to e-books I haven’t bought as many as I did earlier. Since I am moving, there was no point in leaving them here and I had been thinking of donating the lot for some time now. It was a bittersweet moment when they came for pick-up but I am happy that someone will be able to read them. I did save the Harry Potter series for my nephew. I should initiate one of the kids into the wizarding world soon. I would definitely miss them all 😦