WPC : Earth 

Earth and Sky, Woods and Fields, Lakes and Rivers, the Mountains and the Sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books ” – John Lubbock

Took this photograph using my phone when we were chilling out on the beach in Brighton on Saturday.  We only saw half a ring while we were lying down on the beach. So I decided to take a couple of them using my DSLR which didn’t come out very well at least not as close to this one. Ironically, this one was taken with my eyes almost closed because of the brightness of the Sun. I think I got lucky that day with my phone.

SoCS: Me and my elements

I belong to the ‘Earth’ element according to my Astrological Sun Sign (Taurus) and may be because of that I sort of buy things which mostly have the earth color tone. Almost all my dresses look the same color.

I have a love-hate relationship with the ‘Water’ element, because I hate that I can’t enjoy it fully because I don’t know how to swim yet I love any water body and would love to settle near the ocean.

I wish that the element of ‘Air’ ( the humidity part of it ) wouldn’t trouble me so much. I have been having trouble breathing and am functioning on almost 3-4 hours of sleep for the past week because of clogged sinus which is really a very irritating thing right now.

Fire (from the candles of course), is an element I love to photograph regularly in the confines of my home. I have so many pictures of candle light, of the flickering of the flames, of the long and beautiful shadows that they cast.   


Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “element.” Choose one of the four: air/water/earth/fire or use the word “element” however you wish to define it. Enjoy!

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SoCS: Thoughts on Shape(s)

As soon as I read the prompt, the first question that popped up in my head was the one I read in Quora: What if earth were a cube or something like that. Let me check my emails and get the link…….OK. The actual question was ‘What if earth were a cube instead of a sphere‘. I guess we would have thought about the shape of the earth at least once to ask why it is so. I was happy to see the question and the answer, because I am sure my nieces/nephew are bound to ask this sometime and I will have some answer ready (hopefully they will ask when they are able to understand more about shapes). I also remember some teacher telling me once that since the shape of the earth is spherical in nature, we would do well to think of thoughts which are more positive in nature, because they are bound to come back to us. Start and end points in a circle or a sphere are the same, remember. Well, she achieved her purpose. Every time I think of something not nice or negative, mostly due to anger, I immediately remember this and calm down. While talking about shapes, I do have a question. In one of the books I got my niece (pre-school reading books) I remember seeing ‘heart’ defined as a shape. I don’t remember ever learning ‘that’. Was ‘heart’, you know the symbol ❤ always defined as a geometrical shape ? Or was it included in that list later (i.e. after my college times)?   

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “shape.” Use it as a noun or a verb, put the word in your post or simply use it as your theme – whatever comes off the top of your head!

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