Well, What Do Ya Know…?

Another set of questions as part of Steve’s Cosmic Musicology Test for this week.

Here are this week’s questions and my answers:

I know I can…?   Adele – I will be waiting

Patience is a virtue and I have loads of it. So yes, I know I can be waiting for as long as I can, if it is worth waiting for.  And I just love Adele and her songs. This is one of my favorites from her list.

I know I can’t…? Ed Sheeran – Kiss me

Why is it that every week I get at least one song where I don’t understand what it is telling me. This answer is sort of a opposite of the first one isn’t. It’s confusing so giving up on it.

I know I might be able to…? Krewella – Pass the love around

Ok, this week’s answers were too weird. Too much about love. I know I might be able to, but I am not sure I am there yet.