A-Z Book List: Q for Question

If I had started this series almost 3 months ago, I wouldn’t have found a book that I had read which starts with the letter Q. I might have ended up listing a book which I wanted to read as Linda once suggested when I started this series. But recently I read this mystery series in which the second book’s title started with the letter Q. So I got a save. How many other books do you know that starts with the letter Q? Goodreads lists only 102 books according to this list. Mostly starting with the word Question or Queen which are the most common ones used.

Name: A Question of Inheritance by Elizabeth Edmondson

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Suspense

Thanks to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited trial period to which I was subscribed at that time (and then later went ahead with my subscription paying 9.99$ per month) I got introduced to this series called A Very English Mystery and enjoyed both the books that is available in Kindle Unlimited. It is a historical mystery with a slight hint of romance. It is not a fast-paced story, flows at a medium speed, but never boring, at least to me 🙂 The male protagonist, Hugo, is slightly disabled (for now) and reminds me of Cormoran Strike (the Robert Galbraith’s series) and uses his sharp senses and with a huge help from the female protagonist, Freya solves the murders that happen in that small town. In this second book, the Selchester Castle (where Hugo, Freya, Hugo’s sister are staying for now) has got a new Earl, that too from America (the first book deals with the death of the Earl of the castle). But when he lands, people start to drop dead. And the very quiet town gets into a frenzy all again. I gave it 4 stars in Goodreads because I loved both the books in this series and will be eagerly waiting for the nex tone.

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A Very English Mystery Series

I did mention that I subscribed for the Kindle Unlimited for a 30 day trial, sometime earlier. Out of the books I have read, found a good series worth mentioning. There are two books to this series published so far and both are available on Kindle Unlimited. Now, they have made sure that I will be following this one and buy the next books for sure (just like the Coromoran Strike Series or GoT etc) The series name is A Very English Mystery , written by Elizabeth Edmondson and the books are

a) A Man of Some Repute

b) A Question of Inheritance

They aren’t your fast paced thriller, but they have a very nice pace to it. I liked it and would definitely follow this series for sure. If you are looking for some relaxed and yet mysterious books to read over the New Years, go for this one. They belong to Historical – British Detective genres, if you are particular about it. I rated them 4/5 in Amazon and Goodreads.