What happens when two monkeys are paid unequally?

What happens when two monkeys are paid unequally? Fairness, reciprocity, empathy, cooperation — caring about the well-being of others seems like a very human trait.

+1 for Mr Pool, Dead

Instead of making it over the weekend, we ended up watching it on a Friday afternoon (purely by accident, you know)….yay!!!! Yeah, yeah I am talking about Mr Pool, Dead, the one that triggered my rant post a day ago?

It was Awesome! It could have been better with those unmuted lines (can’t even lipread Mr Pool because of his mask….damn!) but looks like they got away with f*** word and honestly, they can’t do much with some of the visuals which are very detail, graphically 😉 Obviously, some of the very intimate scenes are totally cut. You see the couple getting all close and then suddenly they are standing together and trying their hand at a ball game. OK, now that that is out of the way, I should say the film is a hit right from the moment the magazine where Ryan Reynolds is shown as the sexiest man alive comes up 😛 I ain’t gonna spoil it for anyone who is gonna watch the movie by telling you if Hugh Jackman does a surprise cameo or not. You have to watch it for yourself 😉 There is no dearth of laughter, puns, humor, cheeky lines or even gory action sequences. Will definitely have to watch the uncensored version later to know what was cut from this movie. The hip hop songs made me wanna groove to the music in my chair and thankfully the audience was mostly comprised of college kids and hence me shouting and clapping and whooping wasn’t exclusive.

Long story short, I just loved the movie 🙂 Definitely a hit. I did have my reservations about it even before the first trailer came out. Wasn’t sure about seeing Ryan Reynolds in such an action packed movie, but man, he was amazing. And do wait until all the credits are done, yeah? We were only a select few in the theater to watch the final few scenes after the credits.