Hark The Herald Angels Sing

This year I wanted to get an Angel Decorative piece for my friend’s Christmas Tree and when I  was searching for it, I found this Angel Bells made of nickel plated silvertone which was so beautiful to look at , just by the pictures and I wanted one for myself too. It was quite cheap and very affordable and I got a pair for a good price. So happy 🙂

And as usual I played around with it and the light effects. Here are some.

This one I took with my phone and stylized it with Pixlr to get this effect. The only issue was that to get this effect I had to hold a torch above it to get the Halo effect and you could literally see the reflection in the face of the angel. Could have edited it, but I like my flaws. I don’t want it to be too perfect too.


Here comes my favorite candle light play. As usual, I wanted to get the silhouette effect of the piece which I achieved by placing the candle behind the item and stylized the final image a bit to get this photograph. So far this is my favorite picture.


And finally, another play with the camera where I place the candle in the front and the item on an elevated level to cast a shadow which is on a plane slight higher than the item. And I did soften the image a bit to get a serene effect. Not sure if I achieved it, but still.


I will definitely take a shot of the angel on the top of the Christmas tree (or wherever it fits in) and update you about it, but for now, what do you think of the images? Which is your favorite?

Instagramming it

Now that I have got a new and cool smartphone with better camera and all, I decided to give Instagram (photos.by.kg) a go. I sincerely hope it doesn’t go the Twitter way. I configured it yesterday night and uploaded a couple of photos. And I added the widget on the right hand side too (yay!). I still have to figure a few things out and play with it (right from how to post one). But if you have an Instagram account do let me know and I will look it up.

Have a great day ahead.


My Blurb Book – For review

Ever since I did that solo European Tour last year and collected a whole lot of photographs, I have had this urge to have a book printed with it as a memoir. Not a coffee table kind of thing, but something as a pat on my back (is that narcissistic ?) for the first step that I took, which is always the toughest one for me. That tour was a huge confidence booster for me and I will forever be grateful for all those who were there in that group because they made me feel at home and I really really enjoyed their company as much as I did those places. It was also the tour where I covered one of the 7 wonders of the world or rather one of the new 7 wonders of the world , the Roman Colosseum. Today, after so many discarded efforts, I finally completed that 20 page book with selected photographs for each place visited as part of that tour. I tried my hands at Book Wright tool from Blurb and got it done today. The link is given below. I am not planning to sell it, obviously, but am definitely planning to print it for my personal use. It would be of great help if you could review the same (all pages are shown in the preview) and let me know your view, comments or corrections (my English , especially my grammar isn’t that good). Somehow the font I used looks good when I see it in the software, but in the preview, unless it is viewed full screen, isn’t very clear. I might have to rethink about the font.



Every time I come across this product either in the medical shop or in the cosmetics aisle in the super market, I used to pick it up, turn it around, check it and then keep it back and move on. Ever since I laid eyes upon it I have been curious to find out the difference of using it when compared to the normal ones. But I wasn’t very sure about buying one to try it. What if I don’t like it ? Don’t want wasting my money on it. I don’t stick to a particular brand or anything. Mild and less costlier will do for me. But a shampoo with beer ? Did I tell you I am a bit curious by nature? So imagine my glee (or surprise) when I found out that I could try it in at my parent’s place (courtesy: my brother) for free and then decide. I don’t have a very sharp nasal function going on. Thanks to my sinus and other nasal allergies, I can’t smell well. Unless it is very strong (odor or fragrance) I can’t smell it. That is why I can’t figure out if a person is too drunk (unless the person slurs or sways) or if the gas is leaking (which is a little worrisome) and I can’t decide if a food is good or not by the way it smells. So imagine my surprise, when I used this I sort of gagged because of the strong smell of beer. I know how the beer smells because even though I am not a beer drinking person, I have friends who drink it and I remember the way a particular snack bar smelled of it because they had a special beer they brewed in that place. I just couldn’t bear the overwhelming smell of beer especially in my hair. I know there is always this controversy about if the hair has a natural fragrance or not.  But even if my hair doesn’t have a natural fragrance to it, I don’t want to have a odor associated with beer or any other thing as such to it. Gee, the whole bathroom reeked of it. Yikes! For a second, I thought I would black out. It was that worse. But I should also probably tell you that my hair did feel nice after a day. It was bouncy when compared to the effect of other shampoos I have used. But will I buy it ? Sorry, No. Can’t keep gagging every time I use the shampoo now can I ?

Attempt @ Scary

I have this Mayan/Aztec Calendar (one of those, I always get confused with it) when I was in Mexico. It is a pretty heavy one and is made of stone. And is my souvenir from the Mayan Places I had been to. As usual, I was playing with the light and tried to make it look a little scary. Among three attempts I made,  I thought this one looked a little more scarier (the rest were a little plain where the light was a little flat on the surface). What do you think ?