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img2"Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that *** reflection.”  ― Lady Gaga



Shadowing the Eiffel Tower


Yesterday night, I was toying with my camera and thought of trying out one of my favorite past times with photography- shadows and images with light/candle. I had this small pocket light with which I was trying out shadows of various objects but the one that I really wanted to capture was that of this Eiffel Tower’s which I had got from Paris. I had first taken the below one, then realized that the word Paris wasn’t shown even though it had the shadow a little more clear with the meshes in it. So changed the focus a little bit and took the above one.
Which one looks better, if at all?



Fruits of Labor

There is always a nice feeling when the fruits of your labor pays off isn’t. I think I bloated a little bit just now when I got this courier in my hand, which had the printed scrap book version of some of my photographs taken in Spain. I was doubly happy when a few of my colleagues and my friends saw it and appreciated it. I am not able to erase the huge grin on my face.

It started with the idea from another post by a fellow blogger about the coffee table books. Thank you Ger 🙂

I know I am not a pro , rather am still a novice with anything related to photography. And the little knowledge I have on it are purely by intuition, playing with the equipment, and some helpful facts from friends and fellow bloggers who are also photographers. I don’t know if I will ever go to the next level, because I don’t dwell very deep into anything for that matter. I like being the jack of all trades and I love taking photographs. But I am definitely going to try and get a little better so that I can have my own photo book filled with the photographs of the places I have gone and will go in future.



Painterly by nature ?


This picture was taking during the train ride to Granada from Seville, which was very early in the morning. We saw the sunrise during the train ride. The photograph was taken with my Canon Digital Powershot A2500 HD which was the quickest I could get my hands on. The other one was packed in my backpack and kept up in the luggage rack. It was very misty and with clouds wandering everywhere, it did give a very painterly effect to the whole scene and I am not sure who clicked it (because B and myself were using my camera left, right and center for clicking the pictures) but I hope we got the essence of the scene as it was (especially to take it from the high speed train with that glass which always reflects your camera not to mention your face too).

So , what do you think ? Does it give you the watercolor painting effect ?

Golden Time

I was going through some old photographs and this one is one of my very favorites during my visit to 17 mile drive in Monterey. Because that was the time I had got my new Canon 450D (still the same old camera for me ) and was still learning how to use it and all. And I always, always love sunsets + beaches combination. There is this tree, I might have mentioned somewhere in my earlier posts too, called the Lone Cypress. And inspite of a few people gathered around for shots and trying to get a good position, I did manage to get this one, which  was something I wanted to at that moment. I still don’t know technically if it is a good one, but I love these kinds of shots. And I was very happy when I got one for myself at that time 😀 , not to mention with my new camera.

Here is the colored version of it in all its glory.



When I saw this again, I was wondering if it would look eerie if I converted this to Monochrome , with the tree and the background sun and all that.



What do you think ? I still like the colored version because I am partial to sunsets and the colors of the sky at that time and especially the sort of golden color that comes at that time.