Talk with the eyes

When we had been to a movie the other day, we were making fun of the ads that were playing in it, when the topic of ‘talking through the eye’s’ came up. There is this one ad where the husband and wife just use their eyes (lifting of eye brows, shrinking etc) to communicate and they get it without even using words. I thought it was done a little over the top. I am not a great fan of using eye language to talk but if it was done very diligently I don’t mind, especially in the ads. There is this one ad where the husband and wife get separated in a crowd (newly weds) in a railway station and are not sure if the other got in the train and when they find each other searching still , even when the train is gone, they are so relieved to be in sync and to find each other. That was done very beautifully where you could almost feel the relief that shows up on their face, especially their eyes. So yes, I am not against it, but doing it in real life is something I am not sure will work out, except when you are staring a hole on someone who is revealing your secrets, which you don’t want exposed or glaring at the kids to let them know that you don’t appreciate their behavior etc. There came a small discussion where one of my friend was like ‘ why not? people do it, don’t be cynical, its cute’. I was like ‘its cute, but when I can’t even manage a proper communication with a well known medium called words, imagine how many mis-communications are bound to happen with eye signs’. We were bickering a while on that until the movie started.

In the dance form of Tamil Nadu called Bharatnatyam, eyes form a very important role, because we should be able to show a lot of emotions through it. Ideally the whole face, but yes, eyes are the prominent element in it.

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I really like people who are very expressive with their face and eyes. I see it in my niece who says a lot with her eyes because sometimes she doesn’t get a particular word to express how she feels. So yes, I understand that it is a sort of an art to be able to reveal something through the eyes and we all know that eyes are the window to our soul, even scientifically¬†or psychologically. A small expression , yes, I get that. But a full blown line or a discussion, I don’t know if that is possible. Not a lot of people can do that, but even if they did, will I be able to understand it anymore ? I am not sure. A few years before I would have said yes, being the hopeless romantic that I was. Now that I have gone to the other side and have become the hopeful romantic, I am not sure. May be I have become cynical and a little cold hearted.