A lovely gift in the form of Music

I attended my first music concert of a popular musician, Imelda May, thanks to Mr M 😉 She is an Irish Musician and I absolutely adore and love her style of music. The performance was in London Palladium. It is a compact theatre. I loved the acoustics there.

The performance was opened by Jack Lukeman, who delivered a very powerful and entertaining performance from his latest album, Magic Days. The highlight was his King of Soho song. The audience got all warmed up by his songs and imagine the whole theatre singing the chorus for that song.

By the time Imelda May came to stage we were all revved up. She started her set with her song Call Me from here latest album and slowly and steadily the tempo started to rise. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to her perform live. I love her voice even more now that I know how she sounds on stage. There were quite a good variety, rock, pop, jazz, soul, etc…and she carried it all with elan. The whole band was a delight to watch. They had such a lovely synchronisation. There were also some titbits of information about the songs. And she was very cute and shy when audiences called out how much they love her. A true artist.

I wouldn’t mind going again to her performance. An absolute delight she was. And that this was my birthday gift makes it even more special. 😉 Thank you Mr M.

Puzzled Mystery 

Mr. M is a big fan of Jigsaw Puzzles. If you want to keep him engaged this is the best way to go. I used to do that to my nieces and nephew 😉 given that they are a big fan of it too, except for my nephew, because he would instruct you to do it and would keep an eye out for your mistakes. So during one of our shopping visit to Sainsbury’s we saw this Jigsaw puzzle which was interesting. You have a picture on the box. But that is not what you build from the puzzle pieces. You build the next sequence in the story. And it was for 5 pounds. Definitely a very good bargain. Since Mr. M was already working on a Jigsaw at that time, I promised that this will be his Easter gift (we bought that in February) and promptly hid the box.

So the day of the Easter he started working on it without any delay.

I am worried that he is gonna finish it in a week or two, even though he claims that so far he has just managed to get the base ready and the rest of it would be the difficult part. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

Moving forward!

The earth hour on Saturday at 8.30 pm was an excuse for an early night in given that the clocks were going to be moved an hour forward. It was fun to walk around with candles by the way. It was weird to wake up and have the watch tell me it was still 6.30 am and the mobile clock screaming 7.30 am. First time I had to move the watch to adjust to a time where I live 🙄 I have had to change it during flights to other countries before. But to do it during your day to day living…that was so weird.

Today (Sunday) was Mother’s Day…or so I kept seeing in the news and all the shopping places here. So I wished my Mom back home and my siblings were wondering when the mother’s day got moved to March. Looks like it was Mother’s day just in the UK and Ireland. 🙄 I didn’t know that the mother’s day varied across the countries or continents. All round, it was one heck of a weekend 😉

Me and my Dechox!

Last Sunday while on our way back from the St. Patrick’s Parade (Photographs will come shortly) I was feeling like having a bit of chocolate to celebrate my first St. Patrick’s Parade. (Amazing how when you think of celebrating something you always think of chocolate! ) And the weather was a bit nippy and a hot chocolate would have been amazing. We were almost frozen by the time the parade near Pall Mall East was done. But nope…I am still on Dechox! and I haven’t lapsed so far. And Mr. M is making sure that I don’t.

And then this mom and daughter hopped on the almost empty bus after a tiring shopping trip, no doubt. I wouldn’t have noticed them except that they were seated just before us and (this ‘and’ is important) the mom opened up a huge bar of chocolate and broke a huge piece of it and handed it over to her daughter. Her daughter was already looking out the window so she had to nudge her a bit to ask her if she wanted that chocolate. And when she agreed, the mom gave her not one but two huge pieces of the chocolate and started having the rest for herself. Now I was watching the chunk that the daughter had in her other hand and was wondering if I could taste it if I looked hard enough and concentrate on it. It was that close. Realizing that I wasn’t responding Mr. M saw the object of my concentration and said ‘Don’t worry, they are going to get sick later on. You don’t want that. Trust me… It isn’t really healthy to eat that much chocolate. You are better off not having that’. I burst out laughing. He was trying to get my mind off it but I told him that he was being very rude and I have been that person who had the whole bar of chocolate just for herself and I have never gotten sick, so it isn’t true. Mr. M was trying to convince me to not feel bad that I ain’t having one when another girl was boarding the bus with a huge Toblerone in her hand. It just wasn’t my day, I can tell you that. I looked at her and at Mr. M and he immediately said ‘That is an empty box…you can just tell that by the way she was carrying it so effortlessly’. I started laughing out loud.  Top marks to Mr. M for coming up with such statements at the sight of a chocolate to just ensure that I don’t feel bad about it. Then we went on to discuss how he came to that conclusion and why it isn’t true etc. etc. until our stop arrived and I bid goodbye to all those who were having chocolate that day.

At least I haven’t had days like that frequently. Small mercies.


Sports Drama

Finally, it is over. The 6 nations Rugby match.
I have never watched a Rugby match until now and Mr. M is a big fan of all sports, especially rugby, hurling, football, tennis etc etc etc. The first match I watched was the Ireland vs Wales match…and I couldn’t watch after a few minutes. It was emotionally demanding on my part. Everyone fall on that one person with the ball…Goodness Gracious. I immediately took out my Kindle and kept an ear out for any yay!’s from Mr. M for the score. Sadly, Ireland lost that game. And since England was winning the championship because they were already ahead in the game, he wasn’t very keen on the final match on Saturday (at least that is what he told me the other day). But when he checked the score online on our way back from some shopping and saw that Ireland was winning, he was upset that he lost 20 mins of the game. 🙄 Men and their sports drama, I tell ya. He was on pins and needles the rest of the time until the game ended with Ireland winning against England in Dublin. Wasn’t he the happiest man that day!
I had thought that football was violent. Rugby is scary. I also watched bits and pieces of a football match (with Man Utd) The amount of drama that goes on… Oh! my Goodness!…Well, it is clear that sports aren’t my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my weekly dose of badminton games. Those are so non-painful games you know. We are also planning to extend it to Tennis and see if we can do it. I have never played tennis before, so it will be interesting to know how I fare.