Let there be some breeze

After two weeks in Coimbatore and Pondicherry, I seriously don’t have to come back to this heat. It is so annoying, I tell you. Over there in Coimbatore and Pondy, especially in Pondy, the heat wave was so bad that it literally drained me out every single day. Mr M thinks that I have got a good sheen of tan, even though I am already wheatish. Imagine that! What I think he meant was that I look roasted. I don’t care about my tan or my colour, but I definitely care for some good breeze. As long as there is some breeze I can withstand the heat. I always get grumpy when it is hot.

I am sitting in my home, with the fan switched on for almost the whole day. Right from 9 am to almost 5 pm I don’t move anywhere and even if I do I drag the fan with me. Who says climate change is a hoax. If this kind of weather is gonna be a norm in this country, there are a few things that need changing.

All the houses (and apartments) need to be fitted with ceiling fans, just like India. It should be a mandatory thing that the owners should provide the tenants. That definitely helps during the heat. Trust me, we have survived worse temperatures without an A/c but couldn’t have done that without the fan.

I know a glass of cold beer would be very good during the heat, but for people who don’t drink or can’t for that matter, options are very limited. Lemon juice with mint and ginger would be very good for the heat. I have seen people sell fresh orange juices, but this one is much cheaper, cools you down very soon and it is very healthy too.  No ice, please. That isn’t gonna help with the heat.

People might have to start thinking of conserving water or at least how to use it effectively, store the excess after rains so that the same can be used during summer. Let’s hope that we don’t get into any drought scenarios as it happened in California, USA. It is very easy to lose track of these changes that are happening slowly and steadily and then when it hits the peak, we start to panic. There was this scene in Cork, Republic of Ireland, where we were hearing about the water shortage only within two weeks of summer. Historically there hadn’t been any need for these countries to save and store water as they have excess rains and such. But when these kinds of drastic climate changes happen, then everything becomes a chaos. Let us hope that we plan well ahead.

I seriously hope there is some respite in the near future to this heat and dry weather.



For the love of Meryl Streep

I am a HUGE fan of Meryl Streep. Huge (can’t emphasize that enough). I hadn’t seen ‘August: Osage County‘ last year because, well….there is no specific reason, just that it got missed and I wasn’t in the mood for some intense family drama as it is evident from the trailers. Finally got around to watching it. Oh my freaking god!!! What an intense movie it was. But some very fine acting…. No wonder I LOVE Meryl Streep. That woman..and her acting skills… so much variety. And my other favorite Julia Roberts.. Whoa!!! some very fine dynamics between them. I am not going into the movie storyline or anything of that sort. Am not in the mood for that. The heat is really getting to me I think. Ellen in one of her shows did say that you gotta watch this movie because it would either makes you feel good about your own family or at the least you would be able to empathize with them 😉 That much is true I should say. I liked the screenplay and the acting. And with so many fine actors in this (even though Benedict Cumberbatch hasn’t much of a role) you can’t go wrong.

Here is one of the Ellen’s show with Meryl Streep which I was checking out yesterday and was laughing out so hard. I admire that woman so much. The way she did pull off that teenage thing so so so well, Hats off to her.

Almost close to a live performance

When my friend asked me if I would join him for the ‘One Direction-Where We Are‘ movie, I thought ‘why not’. I always wanted to go for a live performance for one international group, especially of a group I know the songs of and I have heard One Direction and kinda like them too, not necessarily their personal history and stuff like that (which I am not aware of any group either) but I know their songs to sing along. And one of our friend from my gym also joined us, because she knew that it would be pure fun. When we were waiting outside the screen, we noticed that it was full of girls (not women, but girls) and hardly a couple of daddy who have been given the job of safely escorting their daughter(s) and their friends. We knew what we were going to experience when we heard those girls scream as soon as the screen for opened for us to go in. We looked at each other and laughed and went in.

Even before we could take our seats, the girls sitting directly behind our row were highly excited and were screaming and shouting. And then we knew that we were going to have so much fun with them behind us. And wow, those girls didn’t disappoint us. The movie was only for an hour and 15 mins or so. So every time every one thought the movie was gonna start, they would play some advertisement. All the girls around boo’ed for every single ad. It was so hilarious. It was like someone was really getting the crowd worked up for the movie. And…..when the movie started….wow.. those girls in the theater could really really scream at the top of their voices. We couldn’t hear a single word said on screen for some time. Thank God for the subtitles. (And all those questions about wee breaks and underwear’s didn’t help in reducing the screaming!) My ears were ringing and by the time it would come to normal, one of the band member would look into the camera and again, the screaming started. I am not going to talk about anything related to the interview they had or the movie as such. So no spoiler alert there. There might be probably a lot of YouTube video’s of their performances in San Siro anyways.

Among the whole lot, the favorite, the absolute favorite of most of the girls was ……’Zayn Mallik’. Agreed that he is very good looking (and with the slightly serious and mysterious persona he was projecting …he had them eating out of his hand), but to scream and shout his name, every time the camera focused on him was…I don’t know what to say. I have never been a fan of someone so bad. So I wouldn’t presume to understand the feelings of these girls. But it was really something. When they were saying that they have performed in lot of places, these girls were shouting that they haven’t come to India. And they were asking Harry and Zayn to look into the camera. We were sitting there, rolling our eyes, thinking ‘Girls, we are watching a movie for godsakes. They can’t hear you’. They had an intermission and these girls were saying that their throat was parched to which my friend asked ‘Really ?’ which wasn’t actually meant for them to hear, but then the theater went quite that exact time and they heard it 🙂 But then, did those girls bother? Nah. Their focus and concentration was elsewhere. When the song ‘Little Things‘ came out, the band asked the stadium to use the torch of their mobile phones and guess what, everyone in the theater too did the same. And I got my friend’s phone and joined the party 😉 Guess those girls were rubbing off on me. But I had the sense to go to the edge of my seat, every time the camera came anywhere near Zayn. I didn’t want to become deaf. And their throat didn’t give them any trouble when they were singing the songs at high volume after the intermission too. Wonder what they had during the interval! And when the last song came and the movie ended, the whole 2nd half of the theater was screaming and shouting Harry and Zayn’s names along with singing for a solid 10 mins and there was some dancing too. And finally I got fed up and did my share of whoooop! too (actually it felt good to shout like that 😉 ). I sang along only for two songs but even then my voice changed a bit by the end of the movie. I gotta say this movie experience is as close as it gets to seeing a live performance and staying safe too. I wonder what would happen if it was a live one. I really have to try that once. Even though the enthusiasm and the fandom made me feel a little old, it also felt good because I felt like I was absorbing their energy and if the movie had gone for another half an hour or so, who knows, may be I would have joined them and matched them scream for scream. After the credits, these girls asked me to take their group picture, which I obliged and made sure they got a good one. What an experience 🙂 I loved it.