Tuesday Tunes

Today I am going with a song I loved in a movie I saw a couple of days ago. I enjoyed the movie, Baahubali 2 (Tamil), which is a sequel and loved the grandeur and the graphics. Among all the songs, this one is more fantasy based and I enjoyed it more. Not to mention the song is lovely to hear with some good beats.

A-Z Book List: R for Ram

I was tempted to go with ‘Redeeming Love‘ or ‘The Rosie Project‘ but then I remembered that I had already written posts on them. So I went back to my first choice, which is another epic story from the Hindu Mythology.

Name: Ramayana by C. Rajagopalachari

Genre: Hinduism, Fantasy, Spirituality, Fiction, Mythology, Classics

Rama (pronounced as Raamaa)or Ram (pronounced as Raam) is the main character of the Hindu Epic novel called Ramayana. He is the epitome of a Virtue, Self Control etc. There is no such thing as going wrong with what he does. There are no shades of gray at all, unlike Krishna even though both are incarnations of Vishnu. This story is about the eldest son of a King, Ram, who is sent on a exile by one of the stepmothers and how he, his wife, Sita, and his brother, Lakshmana, (who refused to leave his eldest brother’s side) survive the tough life with a lot of help from a lot of people in the forest and how Ravana abducts his wife to exact revenge and how Ram follows Ravana to Srilanka to rescue his wife with the able guidance and help of the Vaanar (Monkey) army which includes Hanuman.

This book is an abridged version of the story by the famous Rajaji (who was also an able politician) and I kind of liked his version which is easy and simple to read giving us the essence of the story along with some explanations on certain aspects. I do not agree with everyone on how Lord Ram is the epitome of everything that is right. My friend Sree and I used to have so many discussions on this. But let me tell you one interesting news that I read recently. In Bihar (one of the Indian States), one guy filed a case against Lord Ram, because he exiled his wife (owing to public pressure) just because she was in the custody of a man (Raavana) for a long time. It was hilarious to read this article 🙂 It might not make much sense if you don’t know the story of Ramayana. So if you fancy a mythological story just read about it in Wikipedia to get the gist of it.

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A-Z Book List: K for Kiki

What constitutes a book? I go with the definition “a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.“, irrespective of their size and volume. I could have gone with a lot of other books for the K series like ‘Kite Runner‘ (which is an amazing book, because it made me cry – yes, literally cry, for a day or two and I refused to watch the movie after some time because I couldn’t bear to see the pain) or ‘King Solomon’s Mines‘ (yes, I do have that book and a children’s version of it too and let me tell you, it’s a very cute book to read) or any such. But instead, I chose to go with a book which doesn’t have any rating (except two) in Goodreads. I don’t even know how to categorize it. But it is a book and I have it with me. How else will I introduce you to these treasures I have heh? 😉

Name: Kiki and Other Stories by Sunanda

Genre: Children’s Literature, Fantasy

Again, I don’t remember when I got this one. I used to go to a lot of book sale events, once upon a time (when I started working, that is, and found that I had my own money with which I can do whatever I want and so, I went and bought as many books and music cassettes as possible) This is a very short book, shortest and the smallest in my collection, so far. Just 48 pages and of all the animals I had to get a book on, I went and got one about Cats. The one animal that doesn’t like me. Go figure. But then I know that they didn’t like me very recently. Those days I used to think that if dogs like me, there is no way a cat won’t like me. They are all pet animals right? Same logic applies doesn’t? Well, I was naive. I definitely don’t want a snake to like me. Thank you very much.

Coming back to the book. It is about cats which can be considered bedtime stories for kids and since it is small and handy they would definitely love it. I am going to try this on my nieces and nephew who are going to be here for their annual vacation for a week.  And I hope that this book brings a smile to their faces just like it did to me when I got it and read it some 10 years ago.

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Awww man!!! WTH!

Spoiler Alert

Finally, I completed the 5th book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series:  Dance of the Dragons just an hour ago and I am still wondering what the hell happened. Actually the problem is that too many things happened in this book and I am yet to come to terms and I am 😡

Why? Why does he have to do that to Jon Snow? While reading I did feel that it was getting too good to be true. It’s GRRM’s fault that I am becoming more cynical. I even asked my friend if Jon Snow is going to be alive till the end. The only answer I ever get from him was ‘Just read! Why do you even ask I don’t know!’ And today when I finished that chapter where at the end Jon lay down in the cold with multiple stab bleeding and calling Ghost,  this is what happened. img4

And there was Dany whose fate was dangling but at least there was a closure to that. Poor Poor Quentyn and what the hell was he thinking… dragons are not dolls dear. And…..Reek oops Theon, that effing idiot. I don’t even know what to think. Did Bran forgive him when he saw him through that tree ? Is his penance done ? What is going to happen to Arya now ? Aegon again ! Whoa that was a BIG surprise actually. I hope he has some sense to follow Jon Connington. I should say I was a little happy when Cersei had to accept her sins and confess. But sad for losing Jaime. Finally , finally when I thought I would never hear about him, there comes Varys finally doing one thing I didn’t expect him to do. Man! too many plots, too many treacheries, too many surprises. My head is spinning.

Now I have to start watching the series.


“Of Fire & Ice” and some sleepless nights

I have been part of the discussions which have gone for more than an hour where in my friends discuss about the ups and downs of the various characters and in turn the kingdom’s, about who did what and why, arguing each one’s ‘idea’ of a particular event and how it could have an impact in the future etc etc etc. Do you feel lost right now? If yes, that is how I felt and if you already know what I am talking about, well, here is a request for you “I am joining the club and am a new comer, so please do not spoil it for me, yeah?”

Honestly, I did not ever think that I will start with this monstrous fantasy fiction, at least not now. But there has been some mounting pressure from all sides and one of my close friend who took to it and got addicted, persuaded me a little more, that was the final nail. Never was my other friend so punctual and prompt in getting me a book I had asked for. As soon as I said that I ‘might’ have to take up the series, I get his copy of the paper back book the next 2nd day. All that was left out was an induction program for the new joinee. May be all their discussions were part of it, who knows.

So yeah, I finally started on the “Game of Thrones” by George R R Martin, last Sunday with the preface and completed that 800 page monstrosity of a book and the start of a series in a week and that, for me, is a feat because the only thing I lost is a few hours of sleep every day (if I had slipped on my work schedules, it would not have been looked upon kindly at this moment, so had to be very careful there). I had a schedule for this book for the first time ever. To complete the 100th page  every day. So by Thursday I was well over 400 pages. Did I tell you I watched the first episode of the first season of this series and after seeing the ending of that, I stopped. I don’t mind blood and gore, but something about that kid hit me very badly. I decided not to trouble myself too much. I am really trying very hard to not reveal any part of the story as such in the post, which is very very difficult. But I do have a few things to say though and I hope that it won’t give away much.

This book gets you intrigued and hooked. I am not going to watch the series yet because I have 4 more books to complete. A very well written one. God ! I am so so impressed. And my favorite so far, Tyrion Lannister. He’s got the best lines in this book. And the one who truly rises in your eyes, and even literally, is Dany. And yes, my friend, who lent the book has already started discussing about the story line, what I think of a particular character etc etc. And as a matter of fact, because of the intricacies that are involved in each character (as is with every human being) and also the kind of mysteries that are left over every where, it becomes a very interesting conversation. No wonder my friends were at it for almost an hour. I would have been at it for more than that. But since I have been on the other side too, I would do well to remember not to trouble another person.

The only bad part of it is now I would be racing to complete the existing books and hope that the author completes the rest sooner or else I will be back to the way I was when I was eagerly waiting for the next Harry Potter book. I don’t mind it, but still. If that doesn’t happen, then I will try watching the series. Gonna start the second one, if I get my hands on it by then i.e. tomorrow.