WPC: Dance

Dance, when you’re broken open.

Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.


Dance in the middle of the fighting


Dance in your blood.


Dance when you’re perfectly free.



Just Barely

The feeling when you have just woken up , but not fully awake , and you see that its raining outside, so you cuddle up with more pillows and make sure you are fully covered with the blanket and you are undecided about whether you need to go back to sleep or if you wanted someone to get you a hot cup of coffee or tea…Well, I wanted to say that the feeling is indescribable..but…

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “indescribable.” Use the actual word in your post or just base your post on something that defies description. My suggestion on this one; think about something that you’re passionate about and just start writing. Have fun!

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Wald in …what ???

I was going through this article called ‘Eleven Untranslatable Words‘ and found the following very interesting among the list.

Ilunga (Tshiluba) ‘A person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time’

I am this person. And there is a name for this behavior…Wow!!!

Fernweh (German) ‘Feeling homesick for a place you have never been to’

How can you even feel homesick for a place you have never been to ? But I did. I felt that way with Venice and Kailash Manasarovar in particular. Don’t ask me why, but there it was. And when I finally landed in Venice for a couple of days as part of my European tour, I was so happy and I literally cried the day we were heading back. Because I finally saw a place I felt so close to my heart. Do you have a place like that ?

Prozvonit (Czech) ‘To call a mobile phone only to have it ring once so that the other person would call back, allowing the caller not to spend money on minutes’

My brother used to do it earlier. I wish I had known about this name long ago, so that I could have called him that and he would have assumed that I was swearing at him 😉

Komorebi (Japanese) ‘The sort of scattered, dappled light effect that happens when sunlight shines in through trees’

They have name for this effect ? Cool. I have always loved that effect in nature. 

Waldeinsamkeit (German) ‘The feeling of being alone in the woods’

 Trust me, this is how I am feeling right now, but how do you even pronounce it 😦 

Two years and counting

How quickly the time flies. It feels like I just started and I am here in WordPress, now with two years behind me. Two years already? Phew! I have been very happy, if we can exclude the latest issue with the pingbacks and all. I tried and couldn’t hold my interest in any other social media (I haven’t tried Facebook yet, and even thinking of it feels like a lot of work) or may be I am just a one-(social)media woman. When compared to my blogspot, where I didn’t make any external connections, I have made considerable amount of connections here in WP (that amount not being too many, but still very considerable considering my ability to do so – shucks…did that come out right ? ). I like it here. I am comfortable being here. I am more ‘me’ even though I blog with a mask, but that is just to hide my face and not my character. I don’t say some of the atrocious things I say in real life, and I have no clue why I do that, may be I have the verbal diarrhea which is controlled because typing takes more time than speaking them and also may be I can edit it later. I have become more accepting and understanding about a lot of things and also know what I am actually capable of. And my grammar really sucks. But inspite of all that, being accepted and appreciated has also made me a little more confident in myself. So its a win-win. (Yes those ‘visits’, ‘likes’, ‘comments’ makes me really very happy 🙂 ) And with the blogs I follow, which are varied in their content, I always find my daily dose of fun, encouragement, information, awe, smile and news. Thank you all for the visits, the encouragement, the friends I have made here, my friends who have finally made it here, the posts that make me think, to feel, to analyze, to laugh, to those silent readers, the regular visitors, to all those who have helped me directly and indirectly, each and every one of you who land here in my small small world, welcome and thank you for giving my blog a chance.


Thank you!