WPC: Grace

For this week’s photography challenge theme: Grace, here are my entries

Ladies performing a flamenco dance near Seville Cathedral.


The Kalaripayatu performance with some graceful yogic movements.




Got to watch a Flamenco performance in a private paid show in Madrid and also a free one in Seville.

The one that we watched in Madrid was by a group, where in we had one singer (and her voice was just awesome, even though I couldn’t understand a single word) and a guitarist (where they have this different picking and strumming related to the songs that are used for the dance) and one male and one female dancer. They took turns to do solo and then the duet. All that tapping and spinning was too good. And with a glass of Sangria (if I remember correctly, if it wasn’t, it was some variant of wine) the night was just awesome.

The one in Seville was a street performance near the Cathedral, by two young women who were exquisite in their performance. In fact we stood for two dances of theirs and paid them a little of what we could too. They were just very cute.

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