First Live Football

Recently we were lucky to get some tickets for the football match between Swansea City and Nottingham Forest at the Liberty Stadium. Mr M watches a lot of sports on the tele. I always thought that football is slightly boring as you could watch the whole of 90 mins and there still wouldn’t be any goal. A whole match gone by without any team scoring a single goal. Very frustrating, I should say.

So, when we went to the stadium, after some tense moments regarding the tickets, we finally got in. Even though I have been to the Liberty stadium for a rugby match, the seating for the football was different. I found that the Nottingham Forest fans were seated together in a separate section. Slowly and steadily the pitch started to change. The Swans fans were seated close to those Nottingham Forest fans too. Odd that. You can imagine the drums starting to roll, the booing starting to gain momentum etc. It was becoming exciting, at least to me.

When you watch a football on the tele, you don’t realize how much is going on in the pitch. Every step counts. The reaction of the fans for every single movement in the game keeps you engrossed in the game. It is a totally different game altogether out there. I never realized that. I was getting distracted with all the fan exchanges that was going on. The more rowdier it got, the more fun it was to me ūüėÄ No wonder people like to watch a match live.

When I thought that I would end up watching a game with 0-0 result, Notts finally scored towards the end and changed the game stats. All together I had lot of fun watching the match live.

Sports Drama

Finally, it is over. The 6 nations Rugby match.
I have never watched a Rugby match until now and Mr. M is a big fan of all sports, especially rugby, hurling, football, tennis etc etc etc. The first match I watched was the Ireland vs Wales match…and I couldn’t watch after a few minutes. It was emotionally demanding on my part. Everyone fall on that one person with the ball…Goodness Gracious. I immediately took out my Kindle and kept an ear out for any yay!’s from Mr. M for the score. Sadly, Ireland lost that game. And since England was winning the championship because they were already ahead in the game, he wasn’t very keen on the final match on Saturday (at least that is what he told me the other day). But when he checked the score online on our way back from some shopping and saw that Ireland was winning, he was upset that he lost 20 mins of the game. ūüôĄ Men and their sports drama, I tell ya. He was on pins and needles the rest of the time until the game ended with Ireland winning against England in Dublin. Wasn’t he the happiest man that day!
I had thought that football was violent. Rugby is scary. I also watched bits and pieces of a football match (with Man Utd) The amount of drama that goes on… Oh! my Goodness!…Well, it is clear that sports aren’t my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my weekly dose of badminton games. Those are so non-painful games you know. We are also planning to extend it to Tennis and see if we can do it. I have never played tennis before, so it will be interesting to know how I fare.

Wordless Wednesday 

I am swearing off this sport

After extra time and some more, finally one goal and it¬†wasn’t my team. Butterflying hell. Every time those men in white had the ball in their control,¬†I had a slight¬†palpitation. Its 3.10 am and I don’t think I will be making it to work tomorrow morning my usual time. It really sucks ūüė¶ God!!! But these men in blue missed so much opportunities. My pillow¬†had to the bear the brunt of my frustration. Oh Messi, why did it become so messy !!! (I know this sounds terrible, but I am slightly sore loser). But I should say the Germans did a fine job. Kudos to you guys (even if given with grunts) ¬†and to all who were cheering for them.

I am pretty sure that after this I am not going to watch football ever. God! the amount of physical abuse that goes on in this game. Too much for my comfort. I just couldn’t handle it. Why do they have to get hurt or get hit or hit someone like that even though some were genuine. And all those headbutting. I felt the pain. Nope. Can’t handle it. Earlier I did say that I am better off without sports because of the way I handle it, but this sport has too much heat and hurt that my simple and mostly unused brain and overly used heart can’t get around to. And to put so much pressure on one guy, poor poor Messi.

Adios and Farewell Football.

See you at the finals

I am not a fan of football, too violent for my taste. But I have been checking out the status of the matches from the Quarter finals stage of this years FIFA World Cup. I cannot watch them because it is too late for me by then and I was¬†not sure if I will be able to watch the whole game either. But I decided that if Argentina makes it to the Finals, I will definitely watch the game. Honestly, even though I don’t know anything about the teams or their strengths or¬†weaknesses, I was a little upset when Spain lost and thought that the finals would be between Brazil and Argentina. Now that¬†Argentina is there, I am gonna watch the match, especially for Messi even if I have to set¬†an alarm to get up in the middle of¬†the night (or the next day morning) for the game.¬†I hope it is worth the effort. Go Messi!

When we were in Barcelona, on the request of an acquaintance we¬†got him a FC Barcelona T Shirt with the name Messi ¬†and number 10 written on it for almost 80 Euros from the Barcelona’s FC official shop. At that time, I thought he was crazy to buy a T Shirt with the name for that cost (apply the conversion rate and its a huge amount for a T Shirt) and that too from Barcelona. With the images and videos that I see during this World Cup, now I think he is just a kid and his action was very mellowed. All he wanted was a T Shirt.

Well, let me see how the final match goes. All I hope is that I don’t wake up my neighbors with my over enthusiasm that I usually have during these¬†intense games. And if you are there, try not to sit too close to me.¬†My punches can be a little painful.