Soul What?

Recently one of our friend, who is known to make funny faces in each and every photograph, messaged that he found his soulmate in Celeste Barber (because of her recent parody that sort of went viral) but sadly she was already taken. This led to a discussion on soul mates. Even though they can’t be together does it mean that they can’t be soul mates? (this question was posted just for fun…but then..can they ? )

In one of the dating site, where they ask you the questions to figure you out (how do I know about this ?? Well, I will come to that in some time 😉 ) they do ask you if you believe in soul mates. I skipped that question in fact! Because I used to believe in it and thought I would find mine sometime someday. But may be with my experience or just the age or whatever, I have become a little more cynical. Mind you, not unromantic just a little cynical in things that are termed ‘forever’. I would love to have a ‘forever’, but will not waste my life yearning for it. OK, so now coming back to the main question. Do you think soul mates exist? I know lot of us have experienced love at first sight (which I don’t believe in). So its highly probably that there will be lots of people who have found their soul mates. But how do you know ? Obviously there is no list, even though this site clearly lists 10 elements of a soul mate. Or rather is it an alien concept in this fast moving world where instant gratification is all that matters ? Did you know the story behind the term soulmate, from Wikipedia? It sounds interesting isn’t. Can we truly find someone who can speak to your soul ?