SL-Week: Transparency

In Fort Bragg, there is a place called Glass Beach. It was quite amazing to see how transparent some of these sea glasses were. They are slowly diminishing in number, but it was a surprise to know that they were basically formed because of garbage being dumped. Next time you are somewhere close by, don’t forget to stop by and collect a couple of sea glass home 🙂

WPC: Close Up

For this week’s photography challenge: Close Up

Some of the close up shots of plants from Fort Bragg. This one was for the dew that was present.

This was for the color of the bark of the tree and the way the light was falling on it.

And this one is the close up of this squirrel which I shot near Point Cabrillo Light house.

WPC: Symbol

The weekly photography challenge theme is Symbol. We all have seen so many symbols by which we show our love. But today I am gonna show what shouldn’t be used as a symbol of love. Carving names on tourist places, especially archaeological sites. There is something called Sustainable and Responsible tourism, that every one of us should follow.

IMG_9004 IMG_9003 IMG_9005

Fort Bragg & Mendocino Botanical Gardens

Long pending post of my photographs from the latest California trip. I am too lazy and consumed with other things, to even make an effort. But then better late than never. Here are some of the photographs of Fort Bragg’s Skunk Train station , which was unfortunately closed when I was there, and my trip to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, which is a pleasure to walk, even if it takes around 2-3 hours minimum.

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